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Fully automatic heading, weighing, filleting, grading, chilling and packing systems for efficient pelagic production

Fast and flexible pelagic processing systems

From raw fish grading to boxing, we offer complete pelagic processing solutions for on-board or on-shore processing. Our proven capacity maximizing systems are designed to deliver the highest efficiency and yields while reducing the need for manual labour.  

In the fast-paced pelagic environment, we focus on delivering reliability, maximum throughput and product quality maintenance. Our expertise in automation for pelagic solutions has resulted in a substantial return on investment for our customers, along with greater productivity and healthier and safer working conditions for employees.  

Pelagic processing

  • High-speed, pelagic processing systems – from receiving to packing and palletizing
  • Optimize throughput, yield and product quality – robust and reliable
  • Superior production flow, freezing capacity and software monitoring

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As a total systems supplier, we deliver precise, automated and intelligent solutions for food processing with maximal resource efficiency, transparency and safety. Together with our partners, we configure the best suitable plant solutions and ensure the BAADER standard from planning, installation and commissioning to operation.

Robert Focke, Managing Director, BAADER
High-speed processing solutions for all pelagic species
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Our pelagic applications are designed for high-speed, quality production, whether it be on board large factory vessels or in land-based operations. Our innovative heading, gutting and filleting machines revolutionized the industry and our trimming and portioning have added even further value to our product offering. Sophisticated chilling and freezing equipment with non-pressure plate technology ensures gentle product handling in mass production, while all our pelagic weighing, grading, packing and palletizing machines are reliable and easy to maintain and operate.
Keep your pelagic production running at optimal capacity
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We offer machines to handle every aspect of pelagic processing; from handling raw catch, heading, nobbing and skinning to filleting, grading, packing and palletizing. Our automated systems reduce the need for manual labour and keep raw materials chilled throughout the process to ensure the highest quality output. Advanced QC systems and production control software assist in managing production and making better decisions every day, providing full traceability and detailed insights along the way.
Optimize your processing with real-time data, insights and automation
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By connecting our machines to a sophisticated digital automation you can take control of your production. Gathering data from a multitude of sensors along the production process allows for automatic quality control and gives you the tools you need to make informed decisions based on reliable data. With a streamlined user interface and smart application for every step along the production process, you can make changes on the fly and optimize production flow to suit your requirements.

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Available as independent machines or fully integrated systems, our solutions can be readily adapted to any need and purpose. We have decades of experience in delivering the highest quality equipment and state-of-the-art software tailor-made to meet customers’ needs and demands. Take control of your production and make the most of your resources by maximizing yield, efficiency and throughput with our high-tech solutions.

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