Along the Value Chain –
Fish Processing Functions

Find the right fish processing machine for each function in your value chain

There are several factors that influence the choice of equipment for each processing step in the value chain. These include raw material treatment, production quality and yield maintenance as well as speed, efficiency and operational integrity. Our approach is to make sure that each machine and system that we produce delivers the quality, yield and throughput you require. We offer innovative, reliable equipment for the processing of wild caught and farmed fish, shellfish and seafood. From harvesting or receiving to inventory and dispatch, our solutions are designed to support our customers in achieving and maintaining long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Keep Your Quality Great

Maintain product quality throughout production with superior gutting equipment, gentle product handling and fast processing

Several fishes getting through processing system

Primary Processing

We offer game-changing applications that support animal welfare and increase automation in the reception, harvesting, slaughtering and gutting process. Our automatic salmon and pelagic gutting and nobbing applications are one of a kind. Each eliminates manual handling, minimizes stress on the fish, maximizes yield and quality and delivers far better fish in a more hygienic manner than conventional methods.

Gentle stunning, nobbing and gutting with quality bleeding tanks

The range of applications for primary processing include efficient, hygienic conveyors, humane stunning and slaughtering applications, innovative gutting and nobbing machines and hygienic, efficient bleeding tanks for maximum product quality. These deliver firm, quality fish ready for further processing or packing.


We are very happy with the performance of the fully automatic gutting line from BAADER and we are sure that we will get the best solution for further processing and the best service, too.

Odd Strøm, Managing Director, NovaSea, Norway

Keep Your Yield Up

Maximize raw material utilization with accurate, precise heading, filleting, trimming and portioning machines

Secondary Processing Equipment

From the original filleting innovation that established us as the filleting expert in the industry, we have developed a range of advanced secondary processing equipment designed to keep your operation streamlined and profitable. Available as stand-alone machines or full production lines, our secondary processing applications add quality and value to the pelagic, salmon, groundfish and seafood manufacturing processes.  

From de-scaling, skinning and dark meat removing to heading, filleting, trimming and pin boning

Our secondary processing equipment helps you maintain product quality, maximize raw material utilization and keep your yield where you want it. Our range includes de-scaling, skinning and dark meat removing machines as well as heading, filleting, trimming and pinboning lines and equipment. Digital control is built into our systems, supporting effective workflow, throughput and yield.

A Screen for system control and an fish meat on assembly line

The BAADER equipment has proven to be the best solution in terms of yield, fillet quality and speed.
The new BAADER 588 Filleting Machine and the BAADER 59 Skinning Machine will make our operations more cost-efficient and help us to supply an even better quality product to the market.

Llewellyn Robicheau, L.J. Robicheau & Son Fisheries Ltd, Nova Scotia, Canada

Keep Your Throughput High

Optimize production output with high-speed portioning, reliable performance and seamless production flow

Two plates with delicious looking fish meals

Value-Added Processing

Maintaining and increasing the value of raw material is integral to successful production. Our portioning, slicing and splitting machines are at the heart of our value-added proposition where precision, gentle product handling and production speed deliver the desired outcome. Whether you are processing a large number of small fish or a steady flow of high-value salmon or seafood, our splitting, slicing and portioning machines ensure quality treatment of your raw material.

BAADERING – A unique refining and mincing application

Our refining technique is so unique that it has claimed its own name: Baadering. It has become an internationally recognized process of separating soft and solid components that elevates the value of the product. Our technology provides reliable, reproducible results by extracting fish mince in a gentle manner that leaves solid components outside the perforated separator drum that is at the heart of our application. The result is a consistent and safe product that supports further utilization of previously untapped or discarded resources.


Keep Your Efficiency High

Maintain end-of-line efficiency with intelligent weighing, grading and packing systems that automatically regulate production flow

Packing Lines and Equipment

Your weighing, grading and packing process is optimized with our intelligent systems. We offer stand-alone applications for simple packing, efficient lines for individual tasks as well as sophisticated lines of weighing, packing and labelling that all offer a fast and accurate end-of-line process.

Intelligent vision graders for groundfish and salmon, automatic fillet packing systems and fast pelagic packing and palletizing lines

Our automatic grading, packing, labelling and palletizing solutions for salmon, pelagic, and groundfish, shellfish and seafood include accurate weighing units, intelligent weight, size and quality graders as well as fast and efficient bathing and packing equipment. Our end-of-line systems deliver a continuous production flow with efficient boxing, labelling and palletizing equipment that is cost-effective, hygienic and easy to clean.

Packing line system from above

Keep Your Sustainability in Place

Save water, energy and operational costs with well-designed processing lines and equipment designed to preserve valuable resources

Slightly frozen glass with thermometer beneath

Temperature Control

We offer groundbreaking cooling systems that include add-on-chilling as well as brine, plate and IQF tunnel freezers and thawing and equalizing applications designed to deliver  in class temperature control in chilling, freezing and thawing. From freezing to refreshing, our systems increase efficiency, quality and throughput on any fish production line, be it pelagic, groundfish, salmon or shellfish.

Game-changing add-on chilling, freezig and thawing equipment.

Our add-on chilling method for preservation of fresh fish helped to improve the CO2 footprint of food production.  You can keep products fresh and unfrozen in a sub-zero state without using any ice far longer than  traditional methods. It keeps the fish firmer, extends shelf life and supports sustainability  fewer cargo costs and more flexible transportation.
Our freezing systems are innovative, efficient and cost-effective. Whether you need IQF or crust freezing, brine or block freezing, we have the system for you. Easily integrated with new or existing processing flow, our freezers use the fastest and most efficient methods available. With our thawing equipment you can match the quality of fresh fish with superior refreshed product. Continuous in-line production flow delivers higher production yield and better shelf life on the refresh market.


We are operating one of the most sophisticated pelagic processing plants in the industry. It is outfitted with several automated systems from you, including the Non-Pressure Plate Freezers. The freezers are very efficient and handle the product really well. We opted for these plate freezers to make sure that the quality of the product was kept intact and to maintain a fully automated process. Our yield is up, the quality is maintained and processing time is far less than before. It now takes only a day to freeze up to 800 tons of herring, something that could take up to a week before.

Hlynur Ársælsson, Operations Manager, Eskja Pelagic Processing, Iceland

Keep Your Production Running

Prevent downtime and production loss with reliable machines and superior software monitoring and control

Production Software

As a full solution provider, we integrate a digital approach into all our systems to support greater efficiency with improved production monitoring and control. Our food production software includes both embedded and application software that connects, controls and monitors the entire process along the value chain.  

Our software solution connects the dots of production points and stakeholders, offering a uniform, synchronized platform that serves each production role and process perfectly. You can enhance each process, streamline ordering and production and easily control recipes and scheduling while preventing unnecessary downtime with our powerful production software.

Intelligent fish production software for full digital control

Using production data upstream to rate the raw material before processing and downstream for smart processing and packing offers opportunities to not only control and monitor production but also to optimize it to gain the yield, quality and throughput you desire.

Data integration with ERP and CRM systems is essential for ultimate production control. Our systems collect data for a secure, cloud-based digital platform that is capable of ingesting and processing an infinite amount of data from a wide variety of sources to improve every step of the production process.

Hands with tablet controlling fish processing system

The Baader IT Solution is the heart of the new processing line. It allows us to monitor every stage of the production process and gives us real-time information for each stage including full traceability and reports for management, which give the manager the possibility to make necessary real-time adjustments to optimize efficiency and throughput.

Marnix Perquy, General Manager, The Scottish Salmon Company, Scotland

Keep Your Operation Safe

Protect food and worker safety with an ergonomic work environment and hygienic equipment design in an easy-to-clean set-up

Cleaning Systems

We offer unique high- and low-pressure cleaning systems in one application. Suitable for any kind of production — from traditional fish factories and large cargo ships to high-tech spaces and turnkey food processing plants — the cleaning system is efficient, robust and reliable. The system is ingeniously set up to separate the control panel and pumps from the wet industrial environment where the cleaning takes place. The water, soap and disinfection functions are combined in a single compact system, controlled by PLC computer. Pumps are set up in a clean, dry space with cleaning materials and sanitizer connected to the system that can be set up on multiple stations for multiple users.

Soapy foam

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