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Keep your yield up, your quality great and your throughput high

We offer stand-alone machines, individual processing systems and full-line solutions, each built on decades of experience in processing different fish species on land and at sea. High-tech, innovative wall-to-wall solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers, from planning, layout and design to construction and implementation.

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Salmon, pelagic, whitefish and other seafood processing systems

It is essential to have reliable, high-performance systems in place when working with premium raw material. Like everyone in your industry, you want to keep your yield up, your quality great and your throughput high. With us you can be sure to reach these goals in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

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Salmon processing

  • In-depth knowledge of salmon processing and production design
  • Equipment for every step of the salmon processing value chain from receiving to packing
  • Maximize throughput, yield and quality with the right process for each product
  • Advanced data collection, software monitoring and production control
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Pelagic processing

  • Decades of experience in turnkey pelagic systems on land and at sea
  • High-speed, processing systems from receiving to packing
  • Optimize throughput, yield and product quality with reliable pelagic systems
  • Superior production flow, freezing capacity and software monitoring
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Whitefish/groundfish processing

  • Innovative applications for on-board and on-shore whitefish, flatfish and redfish processing
  • From chillers, bleeding tanks and de-scalers to heading, gutting, trimming, grading to packing
  • Minimize drip loss; maximize quality throughput and yield
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Warm water aquaculture

  • Efficient processing of farm-raised sea bass, catfish, pangasius and tilapia
  • Minimize drip loss; maximize quality throughput and yield
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Crab processing

  • Reliable crab processing systems
  • Efficient cleaning, gutting and splitting
  • High-throughput, production stability and effective quality control  
  • Gentle product handling, improved ergonomics and consistent results
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Tuna processing

  • Quality processing of skipjack and of farm-raised amberjack and yellowtail tuna
  • Streamlined harvesting, heading, gutting and filleting
  • Automation, yield improvements and growth support
  • Reliability, quality and efficient digital production control
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Maximize raw material utilization, throughput and product quality

Our salmon, pelagic, whitefish and seafood processing systems are designed to deliver superior raw material utilization, top quality, maximum throughput and full traceability. Our processing equipment is built to last and is designed with ergonomics, hygiene and easy maintenance in mind.

Empower production with management software

Supported by advanced digital controls, our equipment and systems are encompassed by a production management software that delivers accurate, real-time information. We also offer on-board software that supports sustainable fishing by improving and modernizing fishing regulation. Our digital solutions empower management to stay on top of production, manage challenges, optimize production flow and create reliable, accurate production and growth plans.

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