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Innovative bleeding, filleting, splitting and skinning for high-speed groundfish production

Optimized whitefish processing for the highest output and quality

Our heading, gutting and filleting machines are renowned for their reliability and consistent, quality output. The same effort and innovation go into all our whitefish processing equipment. We offer innovative chillers, bleeding tanks, de-scalers, heading and gutting machines with efficient filleting, trimming and portioning solutions as well as graders and packing machines for whitefish, flatfish and redfish. Optimal operational efficiency, reliability and quality are the principles that we abide by.

Whitefish processing

  • ON-BOARD AND ON-SHORE  –  Maximize quality, yield and throughput
  • IMPROVE PROCESSING – Better product utilization with less manual handling
  • SOFTWARE – Real-time monitoring for optimal production control

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The combination of the BAADER 582’s and BAADER 59’s gentle filleting and skinning process results in a high-quality fillet and much fewer downgrades. The high-quality fillet also reduces the need for trimming and leaves us with a higher yield.

Jógvan Hansen, Sales and Operation Manager, Kósin Seafood, Faroe Islands

Talk to us. We have digitally enabled solutions for complete groundfish processing

Our robust and reliable automated processing equipment is designed to deliver superior handling of resources, maximum throughput, yield and quality. Supported by advanced digital controls, our systems deliver accurate real-time information enabling management to optimize production flow, manage challenges and improve efficiency. Whether you are at sea or on land, we have everything you need to produce the food of the future.

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