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Creating an efficient, state-of-the-art production facility starts with an open dialogue.
A dialogue that continuously seeks to further the engineering process and create a final solution that not only meets initial expectations, but possibly exceeds them.
Our team of engineers, equipment designers and processing specialists offer expert services to create wall-to-wall fish processing systems, factory designs and greenfield projects for salmon and pelagic operations. We have the fish processing expertise to help you get the most out of our resources and develop the best system set-up for your location and production requirements.

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Choose the right layout with the right application

Scoping, designing and developing both the processing layout and process is our strong suit. From greenfield projects and extensions to conversions and modernization efforts, we are by your side from start to finish. Our salmon and pelagic processing systems deliver proven performance with methods, capacity and throughput designed to meet vastly different customer requirements and food product specifications. From product intake to final dispatch, you can expect higher yields, better product quality and maximum efficiency with our total factory  solutions.

High-tech automation with streamlined production flow and full digital control

From planning factory layouts to developing the entire production process with the customer, we have installed some of the most advanced, sophisticated full lines on the market both for land-based operations and factory vessels. Sophisticated production software ties the operation together and brings full control into the hands of all stakeholders with user-friendly software and mobile apps.

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Teamwork takes you there – from initial requirements to production start-up

Designing, developing and implementing turnkey food processing systems is a group task, a venture that requires strong co-operation between supplier and customer, designers and processing experts. To secure seamless teamwork, we foster a spirit of openness and innovation in our collaboration with our customers.

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Total Factory Solutions for Salmon

Locking in value and quality is imperative in the salmon processing industry. Our system solutions are designed to deliver high-quality raw material with minimum manual handling and maximum yield. We are here to help you preserve value and quality with efficient equipment that creates a seamless production flow from harvesting and slaughtering to trimming, pin boning and packing. All our systems and processing methods are designed to get the most from the fish in the fastest, most hygienic way.

Best Flow Sequence
Production Design
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Salmon processing advancements – from precision filleting to
skin-on-skin packing

Our salmon processing technology covers the entire value chain from harvesting to consumer packaging and dispatch. Our teams of experts and innovators have developed groundbreaking salmon systems that have brought several advancements in processing technology to various stages of processing that deliver significantly improved efficiency and superior product quality. Our reliable, overarching software solution keeps the operation under control and helps processors manage the production with the right data at the right time.

Advancing salmon innovation along the value chain

In line with our continuous focus on quality innovation, our teams have developed and brought novel solutions to market that have revolutionized the salmon industry. Sub-chilling improves fillet quality in the cooling process, improves downstream yield and extends shelf life up to seven days. Our heading, gutting, filleting and trimming lines deliver accuracy and throughput that maximizes yield and helps processors direct the right material to the right processing category for maximum utilization. We have also taken salmon packing to a new level with innovative applications that not only treat the raw material extremely gently, but also minimize cross-contamination in the final stage of production. Our salmon packing system enables single fillet tracing and rating as well as smart and safe meat-on-meat and skin-on-skin packing.

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Investing 17–20 billion SEK in the circular industry park and aiming for a future production of 100,000 tons of salmon per year demonstrates our level of ambition pretty clearly. We want to do more than just promote the production of salmon. That is why we have chosen to partner with BAADER as we share a mutual vision that sustainability and innovation are key drivers for success and the development of quality salmon.

Roy W. Høiås, CEO, Lighthouse Finance AS

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Total Factory Solutions for Pelagics

When you partner with us on your pelagic processing projects you access decades of experience in designing and implementing on-board and land-based pelagic processing factories. We have a dedicated team of experts that have scoped, developed and implemented pelagic processing factories for several of the largest and most advanced pelagic fish processing plants in the world. Our team is committed to supporting processors of all sizes in their efforts to develop new factories or fishing vessels, automating and improving older ones or developing additions to their current facilities.

Joined by experts from SKAGINN 3X

Cutting Energy Costs in Pelagic Processing

Years of cooperation between Denholm Seafoods and SKAGINN 3X, now a member of BAADER, has resulted in yet another milestone contract. The two companies have signed an agreement for the development and installation of a pioneering turnkey pelagic system at the Denholm processing facility in Peterhead, Scotland.

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Process Planning
Factory Design
Equipment Choice
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Robust ROI for Pelagic Processing

Our expertise in automation for pelagic solutions has resulted in a substantial return on investment for our customers, along with healthier and safer working conditions and improved product quality. We harness our advanced technology to deliver efficient machines that work seamlessly together to create an efficient process with fast ROI for herring, sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel and blue whiting. Our expertise covers every step of the pelagic processing value chain, from nobbing, gutting, filleting and trimming to grading, batching, freezing, packing and palletizing.

You can count on our discipline, resourcefulness and follow through

Our approach is marked by discipline, resourcefulness and rigorous testing when developing full line systems. Each client is unique and our multiple on-land and on-board projects have presented a variety of opportunities to create innovative, profitable processing lines that deliver maximum value, throughput, yield and quality.

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It’s especially important to be able to work as closely with the supplier as we’ve been able to do during this project. Their expertise and our experience have resulted in the creation of a promising new solution for our entire pelagic factory. The upgrade will increase the automation of our operation and enable us to increase our production capacity.

Friðrik Már Guðmundsson, Managing Director of LVF, Iceland

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