Innovative crab processing

Cleaning, gutting, splitting and inspecting for efficient crab processing

Innovative crab processing for consistent output and quality

Our specialized equipment for processing and handling crab has improved safety, efficiency and quality for producers around the world. Focusing on innovation and reliability, we offer solutions for cleaning, gutting, splitting and inspecting. Through automation and state-of-the- art technology, our solutions deliver consistent results, value and optimal operational efficiency. Depending on the legal requirements we suggest gentle stunning of the raw material prior to the process in order to assure loss of consciousness. Those are the principles we abide by.

Crab processing

  • Reliable crab processing systems
  • Efficient cleaning, gutting, splitting
  • Gentle product handling, improved ergonomics and consistent results

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We are looking to be a leader in the scallop manufacturing sector in quality and efficiency. They have been an excellent partner and as we continuously strive for improvement, there are other projects on the horizon that will tie into the current pieces of equipment to further maximize their efficiency.

Flavio Biscaia, Plant Supervisor, ACF, USA
Specialized technology for optimal flow and capacity
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We offer machines to handle every aspect of shellfish and seafood production. Our applications are designed for high-speed quality production, on-board and on-shore. Automatic grading and sorting systems take the guesswork out of quality control and provide better production flow and packing. Purpose-built, high-capacity contact freezers, glazing units and packing machines protect the fresh product and preserve its natural appearance. All our machines are robust, reliable and easy to maintain and operate.
Keep your shellfish and seafood production running safely at optimal capacity
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Our automated systems reduce the need for manual labor and keep raw materials chilled throughout the process to ensure the highest quality output. Manual handling and processing are further improved by the ergonomic design of machines that adapt to operator ability, preventing repetitive strain injuries and increasing yield. With flexible arrangements and modular lines, our systems are available as full turnkey solutions or can easily be integrated into existing facilities.
Stay on top of production with accurate data for higher flow, throughput, yield and consumer satisfaction
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Employing cutting-edge computer control and automation capabilities means that our solutions can be readily adapted to fit different operational needs. Onboard software supports sustainable catching while advanced production software assists operators and management in staying on top of production by providing meaningful insights and detailed reports. Fully integrated sensor systems gather and analyze data in real-time allowing you to optimize the flow, throughput, yield and quality to achieve the highest value of your resources and the ultimate consumer satisfaction.

Talk to us. We have digitally enabled solutions for complete shellfish and seafood processing

Supported by advanced digital controls and real-time data analysis, our machines and solutions are ergonomic, easy to use, reliable and hygienic. Designed to deliver superior handling of resources while maintaining throughput, yield and quality, we are constantly improving and innovating our solutions to benefit you. Whether working at sea or on land, we have everything you need to produce quality shellfish and seafood.

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