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We are building the future of fish processing, one solution at a time. Our focus is on innovating food value chains to supply reliable quality solutions that bring about the best possible raw material utilization for our customers. We are committed to helping you maintain maximum product quality and raw material utilization.

We serve those who serve the world

We are redefining fish processing, from unique conditioning of the freshly harvested resource to superior and safe on-board processing, add-on-chilling, freezing and transport solutions. Through automation, digitalization and humanization we strive  higher value, unparalleled product quality and a sustainable supply to even distant markets.

We are dedicated to developing state-of-the-art equipment
for superior, safe and financially viable food processing

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Equipment, Systems and Solutions

A full product range for every processing function from single machines to wall-to-wall processing solutions

Whether you need a single machine to enhance your current operation or wall-to-wall processing solutions with integrated digital monitoring and control, we have the range available for you. We offer expertise in every aspect of fish processing, from harvesting and heading to filleting, trimming, grading and packing as well as chilling, freezing and thawing.  

With us, you get what you need for every step of your processing from a single source. Our range covers the entire value chain in salmon and pelagic processing and a full range for whitefish. Our selection also includes advanced seafood processing equipment for scallops, shrimp, lobster, crabs and other seafood.

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Research and Development

Insight, originality and precision frame our research and development approach

We bring quality, innovation and reliability to our research and development projects. Partnering with customers, agents and experts around the world has given us the wherewithal to develop solutions that are as innovative as they are reliable. We have rigorous quality standards that are actualized in every step of the design, development and manufacturing process. Our approach is academic, technical and practical; we thoroughly research, develop and test our applications before going to market. It’s the BAADER way.

Maximize yield, quality and throughput with efficient, reliable fish processing equipment.

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Safe and Sustainable Food Production

We aim to help supply safe food to all consumers efficiently and responsibly. In our world, safe food means animal welfare, traceability, workers welfare and safety, hygiene, product quality as well as maximum resource utilization.

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Our Heritage – Our Pledge

Consistency, reliability and solid customer relationships have been the hallmark of our operation over the last one hundred years. We have always worked closely with our customers to support them in their pelagic, salmon and whitefish processing endeavours around the globe – from Alaska to Namibia. Today, our focus is on supporting our customers on their journey towards increased automation, digitalization and sustainability.

Global Sales and Service Network

Consult our fish processing experts for information on the right equipment for your requirements

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As your service partner we are by your side and at your site whenever you need us.

Service, Training and Spare Parts

We run a tight-knit, global service network that is on the ground to support our customers, wherever they are. Our team’s technical ability, hands-on experience and resourcefulness are there to make sure that your operation runs at peak performance with minimum downtime.

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We are dedicated to maximizing your throughput, quality and yield. Your success is supported by our innovative thinking, advanced engineering and rigorous testing. Together, these deliver machines, systems and solutions that not only stand the test of time but are designed to bring lasting value to your fish processing operation.

Our sales consultants are on hand to help find the right solution for your operational requirements.

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