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Automation, Digitalization, Humanization

Driving innovation at BAADER is a vision of intelligent and automatic processing that captures digital opportunities and brings the human to the center to achieve the highest possible value of the animal protein. Our approach integrates data gathered through the entire food value chain to unlock new sources of value in manufacturing. Freeing people from repetitive and dangerous tasks, automation increases reliability and unleashes the true human potential.


Optimizing processes
Doing things differently
Introducing automation
Using innovative technologies
Suitable for a wide range of fish qualities - from pre-rigor to defrosted, soft fish
Streamlined housing with a 20% smaller footprint
Perfect Surface - Less Trimming
Fish processing system seen from above

Automation: More than machines

Seamlessly integrating entire production lines and facilities, we go beyond simple machine-to-machine communication. Customizing automation to our customer’s needs, our team combines software expertise with deep understanding of processing and industry.

Our solutions create new capabilities with complete traceability and overview of the entire factory in one system, connecting data horizontally and vertically with smart algorithms for a faster, better, and more intelligent production. Tailored to modern production needs our solutions can be applied in small and large factories alike.

Digitalization: Driving innovation

Having access to the right data at the right time is at the heart of digital business. Using the latest in intelligent software, our solutions provide operators and managers with a seamless stream of real-time data. Continuous analysis ensures the optimization of fully and semi-automated processes and delivers unprecedented insights and overview.

Hands with tablet controlling fish processing system
At BAADER, we seek to find the best combinations of intelligent, and automated processing and expect digitalization to enable both greater efficiency and higher humanization of work.
Robert Focke, Managing Director, BAADER

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Hand is checking the machine status via touchscreen interface

Humanization: Capturing untapped potentials

Digitalization and digitalized enabled automation puts people at the center of innovation. Extraordinary machines and smart services deliver their advantages only when trained and tuned by knowledgeable engineers. Human judgment will remain essential as digital technologies connect different divisions, stakeholders, goals, processes and information resources. Such projects connect and involve people across sectors sharing their knowledge and collaborating on creating innovative technologies and opportunities.

Successful digital transformation is really all about people, and it starts and ends with the customer in mind. What are your needs? How can customers easily and conveniently use services, order or consume products? Which digital offers enhance the customer experience, which ones lead nowhere?
Dr Stefan Frehse, BAADER Digitalization

Automation in Action

Boxes of fish on rails going through machine

BAADER 1850 Fillet Packing Grader

As part of the BAADER processing line, the machine is seamlessly integrated to its end, automatically distributing and packing fillets into boxes.

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The Fundamentals of Digitalization

Digital Solution for Smart Processing

Asset Manager and B’Logic Navigator provide meaningful insights and customized reports for optimizing production and processes.

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A person is holding a tablet with status interface

Collaborative innovation at the forefront

Our digital solutions provide unprecedented information and can be customized to meet individual requirements. Partners benefit from a network solution that is constantly being updated and further automated. The team can develop tailor-made solutions that address customers’ specific pain points or process improvement requirements.

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