Modular Processing Platform

Value added processing through individualization

The Crucial Role of Modular Machine Design: Reacting to Customer Needs and Market Requirements with Flexibility

In today's rapidly evolving seafood industry, processing companies are constantly faced with the challenge of meeting the diverse and changing demands of their customers. The modular design of our BAADER 300 offers high flexibility, allowing companies to respond quickly to customer demands while maintaining operational efficiency and competitiveness.
Baader 189pro machine

Explore the current status of BAADER 300

Smart Control

  • User friendly HMI according last UX guidelines
  • Operable with a tablet in addition to the normal HMI-Panel
  • Dynamic recipe handling

Advanced Camera System

  • A highly sophisticated camera is taking images
  • Precise vision detection for yield optimized cutting ​
  • Angle cuts will be combined with calculated patterns next
  • Parameters can be adjusted (cutting angle or distance) referring individual

Exact fillet trimming

  • Several trim cuts can be performed, e.g. fat fin, anal fin, belly fin and contour trim
  • Angled cuts are possible to maximize yield

Most flexible cutting

  • Focus: cutting patterns on customer’s demand:
  • Tail cut
  • Loin cut
  • Portions

Hygienic Design

Special designed tools with very hygienic design for best food safety

More to come

Outlook to the future vision system

  • The fillets will be detected by our camera
  • Most efficient and yield saving cuts are recognized
  • High flexibility and at the same time maximized yield