BAADER Fosters Bilingual Education in Lübeck

Jul 22, 2021

Bilingual education is pivotal to the academic and social integration of international children. Therefore, it can enhance long-term social development. This belief spurred the partnership with Die Bilinguale Erziehung in Lübeck GmbH (the Bilingual Education in Lübeck GmbH). As a founding member of the organization, BAADER fully supports bilingual education in Lübeck.  

With the help of native speakers, the project promotes and complements bilingual education (German/English) so that children gain proficiency in both languages at an early age. Similarly, it ensures international workers have attractive opportunities to settle on a long-term in the city. It covers three elementary schools, a community school, two high schools and four day-care centres. Native speakers supervise the classes and groups, as in the leisure activities offered last year with English-language supervision. The aim is that by 2025 there will be a rigorous bilingual education programme for children from preschool to high school in Lübeck.

Projects like this are significant to international workers. And this was decisive in BAADER championing it: “As a global company, it is important to create a supportive environment for our international employees coming to Lübeck. Moreover, we would like to offer all our employees the possibility of bilingual education for their children”, says Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER.

The years of BAADER supporting the initiative are paying off. There have been commendable achievements since the start of the project. One of them is the recent success of students from the Roter Hahn School, the Trave Elementary and Community School, and the Trave High School. They had excelled at an A2-level language exam and the Mayor of Lübeck, Jan Lindenau, commended the feat.

Lübeck Mayor Jan Lindenau awarding certificates to students for their commendable performance

The fast growth of the bilingual education programme has led to increased backing from the community. It is no surprise that there are plans to offer more classes to the next generation.

About Die Bilinguale Erziehung GmbH

Die Bilinguale Erziehung GmbH is a charitable organization founded in 2016. It drives the introduction of bilingual schooling (English/German) in public schools and day-care centres in Lübeck. Thus, it is an important link for educational purposes in the Hanseatic city. The foundation operates according to the “Tax-privileged purposes” section of the German Tax Code.

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