How to Freeze your Chicken

Aug 10, 2022

How to best freeze your product when you need to run drumsticks, wings, or fillets simultaneously? And how can you ensure that moisture is fully locked? If one person knows the ins and outs of the SKAGINN 3X chilling and freezing technology, it is Sverrir Gudmundsson. The Icelander has been working for the international food chilling and processing tech company for many years, being an expert when it comes to the broad application of the product portfolio. He has now joined the global sales team for Poultry.

“Before joining SKAGINN 3X, I have worked for several other companies in the fishing industry – in the end, this is the Icelandic heritage”, says Sverrir. “However, with the SKAGINN 3X portfolio it is really about the technology which can not only be applied to all major fish species, and seafood but also to poultry, meat, and even ready meals. Joining the BAADER Poultry division and sharing my expertise with new customers is something I very much look forward to.”

Sverrir Gudmundsson in front of main entrance of BAADER Food Systems Denmark

While previously mainly being responsible for customers all over Scandinavia, he now travels as required wherever potential customers are. “Of course, I go to all of our fairs to exchange with customers face to face”, Sverrir says. “But visiting customers at their plants – as most recently in Colombia – this is where I can really be of help, showing how to maximize one’s output and advise on which technology would be the best fit for their specific requirements.” With the increasing demand for poultry products in Asia, being able to freeze their products offers new opportunities to the Latin and South American processing plants, as it allows them to ship their products overseas.

One of these technologies is the IQF tunnel freezer, which saves a lot of energy, thus operating on a smaller footprint than other freezing technologies. It allows for up to 40 per cent faster crust freezing and has a capacity of up to 8,500 kg per hour. It offers crust and core freezing for great yield, quality, and appearance. In fact, it leaves almost no mark on the product due to the special flat design of the aluminium crust belt. The quick freezing ensures that moisture is fully locked in the product and cell structure remains intact. Drip loss is as low as 0.2 per cent for non-injected products, depending on the product type. Thawed products retain their shape, texture, and flavour.

The IQF Poultry is flexible and can handle any product directly from cut-up and deboning lines, including drumsticks, wings, tenders, fillets, and other poultry parts. Various products can even be handled simultaneously due to a multilane design. Moreover, further processed products such as breaded nuggets, strips, and cubes can also be frozen. The final product is fully frozen, with a very cold surface temperature that is ideal for glazing.

Another product in the portfolio that offers chilling and freezing technology for fish, poultry, meat, as well as ready meals is the non-pressure plate freezer. It is suitable for everything from regular build and mince packages to interleaved products. It also offers a sustainable option for the rapid freezing of large volumes of food. If you would like to know more, please contact Sverrir Gudmundsson

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