New Functions Available for the Transport Manager App

Jan 29, 2021

Designed for the poultry industry, the Transport Manager is an app that creates a digital connection between farmer, truck driver and reception manager of a poultry plant. The immediate benefit of the app is to deliver structured delivery data to the plant managers in real-time.

Key Features of the Transport Manager

The Truck Manager improves information handling between truck driver and reception manager by

1. automatic transmission of the current truck position and estimated time of arrival (ETA)at the poultry plant

2. providing early information of possible congestion at the poultry reception, e.g. warnings of two or more simultaneous truck arrivals

3. electronic issuing of structured documents such as ATC (Animal Transport Certificate) with automated transmission to authorized app users, such as the facility receptionist.

The app is emblematic of the BAADER digitization team's main goal of connecting stakeholders along the food value chain and  enabling process excellence through data. After all, it is not enough to simply "put one'sown house in order", when the goal is to achieve overall good business conduct that sustainably improves quality and increases earnings.

The Transport Manager App provides structured delivery data and compliance documentation

Particularly along food value chains, success depends only in part on one's actions. Networking and cooperation in partnership with companies upstream of one's value chain are becoming increasingly important success factors.

The Transport Manager collects data in a secure, cloud-based digital platform capable of ingesting and processing an infinite amount of data from a wide variety of sources. The goal is to map the complete food chain from farm to fork.

Digital manifest for documenting regulatory and legal compliance issues

With the latest update, the Transport Manager now also performs important documentation by capturing all data and digital documents recorded during a tour ready  to be accessed at any time, e.g. in the event of animal welfare concerns. This includes

- Log files

- Information about the weather along the route

- Updates and on and adjustments to regulatory requirements

The Truck Manager App connects and coordinates wherever you are

Currently, the team is working with pilot customers to develop additional features and is looking for more test installations in order to add additional value to our customers'processes around poultry.

For more information, please contact Carlotta Rönnau, Digital Product Manager from the BAADER Digitization Team.

Carlotta Rönnau, Digital Product Manager

Carlotta Rönnau is a Digital Product Manager since 2019 and a driving factor behind the development of new digital products and features at BAADER. She oversees the entire product life cycle, from defining the scope, building the technology, creating a great customer experience and acquiring customers. This requires her to run and fly from the design team to the development team, Marketing, Sales and back. It seems no big stretch for her since she is a sportswoman through and through. And even more so, she convinces with a consistent positive attitude.

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