Next Level BAADERING with the Brand-New BAADER 608

Jun 1, 2021

Increasing cost pressures and a shortage of workers call for more automation in the food industry. Extracting fish mince or other raw materials manually, is a very time-consuming and inaccurate process that impedes product standardization. The BAADERING technology reliably provides reproducible results, thus enabling the standardization of raw materials with maximum added value. Furthermore, the process facilitates compliance with guidelines for connective tissue. In principle, a squeezing belt feeds the material onto a perforated drum and gently pushes the soft components through the holes. The muscle fibre structure of the fish mince is preserved, by keeping the mechanical stress to a minimum. Solid components, such as bones, skin, cartilage, foreign bodies, etc., remain outside the drum and are discharged. The end result is consistent and safe product quality and enables the utilization of previously untapped or discarded resources. The gentle BAADERING technology enables turning various fish materials into separate products, while preserving the muscle fibre structure to get the highest quality end result. The process offers significant benefits and is very versatile.

On the 23rd of April 2021, BAADER launched the new BAADER 608. It is the most innovative and powerful member of the BAADERING technology machine family, setting new standards in terms of hygiene and food safety. 

In light of the world’s population expected to reach ten billion by 2050, resource-efficiency needs to increase significantly. For more than 50 years, the term baadering has stood as an internationally recognized synonym for gentle product refinement with maximum resource appreciation and value creation. The BAADERING technology paves the way for the food industry into a more sustainable future.  

The BAADER 608 takes this technology to the next level. It sets new standards for food quality, value creation and process safety, as well as for user-friendliness.  

Front view of the new BAADER 608

Getting more out of each and every fish

The BAADER 608 allows for maximum utilization of raw materials, thus increasing resource efficiency and ensuring the highest yield with the best quality outcome. Thanks to its innovative design, the machine reduces downtime significantly. There are no tools required to open the new front panel, allowing for quick and easy access when needed, so production can be resumed swiftly without unnecessary delays.  

The machine also raises the bar in terms of hygiene and food safety. The improved design of the BAADER 608 provides many new hygienic design features to eliminate sources for microbes and food contamination. At the same time, it facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the machine. The new design includes more flat surfaces, dispensed with screw connections and support rollers, as well as no cover screws in sensitive areas. Draining slants on and in the housing ensure water drains from anywhere. All these features turn the BAADER 608 into the safest and hygienic machine of its kind. 

The new front platecan be opened without any tools and with less process interruption

Higher yields through optimized process reliability 

The touch screen control panel on the BAADER 608 is very easy to use. Various parameters, such as pressure or distance between single products, can be set for different products and retrieved at any time. This ensures reproducible results with consistent quality and yield. To further increase process reliability, the squeezing belt and support chain tension automatically adjust to different product sizes. There is no need for manual settings after changing the perforated drum. A new kind of product scraper carefully conveys the product from the machine to minimize contact between product and machine, thus ensuring the structure is retained. Instead of a slide, residues are removed by a discharge belt operating without interruptions.

 The smooth insight of the BAADER 608 front plate

 Improved user-friendliness  

Another area where the BAADER 608sets new standards is user-friendliness. Quick and easy access to the interior facilitates assembly and maintenance of the machine. The new control panel is easy to handle, with no manual settings required. The new hydraulic perforated drum tension is more ergonomic to handle. For improved handling, cleaning and adjustment options, the pressure roller can be lowered even further. With an interface for further data processing, the BAADER 608 is ready for the future.

Setting the drum tension by simple on the user-friendly touch display

Added Value, Product Enhancement & Sustainability 

BAADERING not only adds value, it also significantly improves sustainability by increasing resource efficiency and unlocking previously discarded resources.

There are many ways of enhancing products and co-products by utilizing the BAADERING technology. Here are a few examples:

- Fish skin is rich in collagen, the main structural protein in various connective tissues in the body. It is important for both the cosmetic industry and the food industry. Collagen is the basis for various food supplements or the production of gelatin. It also serves as an alternative to collagen sourced from beef or pork for kosher, i.e. halal, products. Other applications include the utilization of fish skin in the textile industry, as a delicious fried snack for human consumption, or in dried form as a pet snack.

- Fish bones offer lots of potential for BAADERING too. They are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and collagen and are usually processed by drying and grinding. The fish bones can then be used as fertilizer, food supplement, animal food, etc.

- Fish oil has a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 and is used for dietary supplements to prevent cardiovascular diseases, among others. It is obtained from several fish and shrimp species and can be extracted from salmon by-products, for example.

- BAADERING is a versatile process to add value and increase resource-efficiency for a more sustainable future.

 Fish oil capsules – a valuable product

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