Office Opening Ceremony in Reykjavik

Jun 14, 2022

Since the beginning of this year, SKAGINN 3X is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BAADER – now the colleagues from SKAGINN 3X and BAADER Iceland have moved into a joint office. The official inauguration was on Wednesday evening, following the first day of the Iceland Fisheries Exhibition in Iceland.

"This is the beginning of a new chapter for us here on the island. From this office we will serve our Icelandic customers, true to our motto 'in the region for the region'," said Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER. "We want this to be a place of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and acceleration."

The Sales Parts & Service team based here will serve the entire portfolio of the product brands BAADER, SEAC, SKAGINN 3X, and TRIO. The goal is for the new office to become the point of contact for customers from the entire fish processing industry in Iceland. In addition, BAADER wants to continue to maintain a strong production as well as an R&D unit on site.

The inauguration was accompanied by traditional Icelandic finger food and music.

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