BAADER at Fish International: Shaping the Future of Fish Processing

30 Aug

At Fish International, taking place in Bremen from September 4 to 6, 2022, BAADER presents itself as a full solution provider for all fish species. Together with its brands SEAC, SKAGINN 3X, and TRIO the Luebeck-based food processing company will show its integrated portfolio.

Besides its multi-brand approach, BAADER further collaborates with institutes, institutions, and organizations to gather deep expertise also cross-industry. As such, the food processing company most recently joined the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) as well as the regional network foodRegio. BAADER believes moving forward means focusing on integration, collaboration, and acceleration.

Showing what is meant by this triad, BAADER, and its brands will show a variety of solutions at its booth – including wall-to-wall – for superior processing of major industrial fish species as well as provide insights on their soon-to-be-launched modular processing centre.

Another topic at the booth will be the handling of co-products for a 100 per cent use of fish. BAADER will illustrate how its further processing solutions offer value-add beyond sustainability, showing what can be made with supposedly leftovers.

“Fish International is the most important fish fair in Germany, and we are happy to be part of it”, says Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER. “After acquiring SKAGINN 3X, we have expanded our product portfolio and with the establishment of a holding company, we are setting ourselves up for future growth. I look forward to showing our customers on-site what we have to offer with this new set-up.”

On various interactive touch tables, BAADER will showcase how it is now a full solution provider for all fish species. That is because of the complementary product portfolio of SKAGINN 3X. BAADER acquired the Iceland-based international food chilling and processing company at the beginning of 2022. This investment further underlines the commitment of BAADER to the Icelandic market. Combining the unique engineering intelligence and resource expertise of the two companies will strive for the development of pelagic and whitefish processing as well as subchilling, thawing, freezing, and co-product handling for fish, poultry, meat, and other industries.

Colleagues from SKAGINN 3X and BAADER Island moved into a joint office during the summer, from which BAADER plans to serve its Icelandic customers. The Sales, Parts & Service team is now based here to serve the entire portfolio of the product brands BAADER, SEAC, SKAGINN 3X, and TRIO. Moreover, BAADER strives to have a strong production on-site as well as an R&D unit.

With the establishment of a holding company, the BAADER Global SE, BAADER has further created the basis for establishing the company as a European Group. With this new organizational structure, the company will take major steps to ensure its long-term future success while holding on to its deep family company roots. The legal entity of SE offers the company the ideal framework to further develop its corporate structure with various Business Units and subsidiaries in Germany and abroad for further future-driven growth.

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