BAADER at Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition: With its Product Brands SEAC, SKAGINN 3X, and TRIO

8 Jun

In today’s challenging business climate, the value of deep expertise has never been more important. Against this background, BAADER is delighted to present its integrated portfolio together with its product brands SEAC, SKAGINN 3X, and TRIO at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2022, taking place in Kopavogur, from 8th to 10th June 2022.

Besides its multi-brand approach, BAADER further collaborates with institutes, institutions, and organizations to gather deep expertise also cross-industry. As the food processing company believes moving forward means focusing on integration, collaboration, and acceleration.

Showing what is meant by this triad, BAADER, and its brands will exhibit a variety of solutions at its booth – including wall-to-wall – for superior processing of major industrial fish species as well as provide insights on their soon-to-be-launched modular processing center.

“Iceland has a great tradition and expertise in the fishing industry. With our most recent acquisition of SKAGINN 3X, we can now position ourselves as a full solution provider for all fish species” says Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER. “We are happy to present our bundled expertise in Iceland and show our customers on-site what we have to offer with this new setup.”

At the booth, BAADER will show the new BAADER 189 Pro, which used to be the first efficient whitefish filleting machine for mass production in the 1970s and is now returning in an updated version with a cleaner cut and better yield than ever before. Originally engineered in Germany, the machine has been updated in the Faroe Islands and will now be manufactured in Iceland.

Also exhibited will be the BAADER 52, a robust and reliable machine for shallow skinning as well as deep skinning. Due to the small footprint, it can be used for on-board too. BAADER 52 can skin salmon, whitefish, redfish, tuna, tilapia, pangasius, catfish, and similar species.

Another topic at the booth will be the handling of co-products for a 100 per cent use of fish. BAADER will illustrate how its further processing solutions offer value-add beyond sustainability, showing what can be made with supposedly left-overs.

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