BAADER at SPG 2022: Shaping the Future of Fish Processing

25 Apr

While the world almost came to a standstill during the pandemic, many transformations occurred, with digitalization leading the way. In addition to COVID-19, recessions, climate change, and international conflicts led to changing market dynamics that accelerated the momentum. All of these developments have had a significant impact on the food industry, too, with new requirements, markets, consumer demands, and disturbances in the supply chain resharing the entire sector.

Consequently, 2022 has become – and rightfully been declared – the year of acceleration. In order to be able to react to these changes while unlocking the full potential of the long-term opportunity, BAADER collaborates closely with its customers as well as institutes, institutions, and organizations. In today’s challenging business climate, the value of deep expertise — with cross-industry experience and an external perspective — has never been more important. For these reasons, BAADER believes that moving forward means focusing on integration, collaboration, and acceleration.

At the Seafood Processing Global (SPG), taking place in Barcelona from April 26th to 28th, BAADER will show how the food processing company intends to do that: with an outlook on the newest technologies, novel processing line combinations, and close cooperation with partners even outside the industry. Visitors will also have the chance to meet the company’s fish experts and get insights into state-of-the-art processing plants for major industrial fish species and various scales of operations.

For the first time, BAADER will present its integrated portfolio together with its recently acquired product brands – SEAC, SKAGINN 3X, and TRIO – and show how they can offer solutions for superior processing of salmon, white fish, pelagic fish, tuna, crab, and redfish.

“We are very pleased to meet our customers face-to-face again to show them our newest innovations and how we want to shape the future of fish processing with them”, says Robert Focke, Managing Director, BAADER. “We also want to use this opportunity to position ourselves as a full solution provider for major industrial fish species by presenting our united portfolio.”

Also, along with the product portfolio, visitors can get a sneak peek at the BAADER 189 Pro for whitefish filleting, the soon-to-be-launched modular processing centre as well as live demonstrations of the BAADER 581 Pro, and the latest BAADER Refiner 608, streamed from the BAADER Technology Center in Germany.

Speaking of co-product handling, BAADER will also showcase the industry’s first solution of how to do more with less: Exhibiting further processing solutions combining the SKAGINN 3X mince line with a BAADER Refiner and 3rd party further processing option.

Live talks

BAADER experts will be available at nine different stations throughout the booth to share their know-how – their sessions will further be streamed live to those who have registered to attend virtually. Topics will range from insights into state-of-the-art plants, to digital and service solutions.

Future foodist Hendrik Haase will elaborate on the value of integration along the entire food value chain in his keynote at the booth on April 26th, 2022 as part of the BAADER Innovation Day (ID) Special SPG 2022. Dr Thor Sigfússon from the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) will be present at the BAADER booth throughout the show with a deep-dive session on how to realize 'zero waste' in the fish industry in his presentation on April 28th, 2022. The ID is a platform for collaboration with researchers, scientists, and partners from industry and the public to address the challenges, opportunities, and tasks that lie ahead.

Besides increasing automation and processing expertise, BAADER believes in integration, collaboration, and acceleration, to be able to meet the demands of tomorrow’s food value chains – let’s grow together.

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