BAADER at SPNA 2023: Processing Solutions on Demand

3 Mar

Whether it is about processing whitefish, redfish, crab, salmon, pelagic, or tuna, BAADER offers a broad variety of solutions for every species. Thereby enabling customers to improve their raw material utilization, throughput, and sustainability while decreasing their dependency on labour.

With its participation at the Seafood Processing North America (SPNA) in Boston from 12 to 14 March 2023, BAADER will focus on the daily challenges of its customers regarding flexibility and customization when it comes to processing solutions. Following the motto “Processing Solutions on Your Demand – flexible, scalable, reliable”, BAADER will exhibit a range of products that show how automatization can increase productivity as well as how to make the most of each fish through further processing.

“We offer solutions for all major industrial fish species from harvesting to freezing in an efficient and animal welfare-friendly manner that demands hardly any manual labour. These solutions are all scalable according to personal requirements”, says Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER. “Our further processing solutions enable processors to create a variety of co-products that are so far mainly untapped for human consumption.”

One of the highlights at the fair is the BAADER 189 Pro, which used to be the first efficient whitefish filleting machine for mass production in the 1970s and is now returning in an updated version with a cleaner cut and better yield than ever before. Originally engineered in Germany, the machine has been updated in the Faroe Islands and will now be manufactured in Iceland, being ready for sale soon.

FeaturedEquipment at the SPNA 2023


The whitefish filleting machine BAADER 189 Pro offers cleaner cuts through active cutting tools, less trimming as well as higher yield due to a special bellycutting unit. It further allows for a full digital monitoring and control. Also recipe management is possible. It will soon be available for sale.

BAADER Refiner 601

The further processing solutions of gentle product refinement offer optimal resource efficiency and product quality for value-add. By separating soft and solid components while maintaining meat quality, the BAADER 601 turns co-products into high-quality products. Together with the frame-cutting machine, the mince washing drum, the mince press as well as the mince packing press from SKAGINN 3X, the BAADER Refiner line is a core part of the value-adding mince solutions.

Mincepress SKAGINN 3X

The Mincepress SKAGINN 3X is an advanced mince processing system that ensures that all mince that is delivered out of the system contains an even amount of water. The percentage of water can be adjusted by means of adjusting the outlet end of the mince press.

IQF Freezer

The frozen global fish market is expected to grow in the upcoming years – especially for processors planning to export more products, freezing is essential. The Individually Quick-Freezing Technology from SKAGINN 3X, a new member of BAADER, is energy-efficient, allows for up to 40 per cent faster crust freezing, and has a capacity of up to 8,500 kg per hour. Due to its crust and core freezing, it guarantees highest yield, quality, and appearance.

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