BAADER at VIV Asia 2023: High Speed – Fast Food

1 Mar

Consumer patterns are changing rapidly to fit busy lifestyles. As such, fast food or convenience food becomes increasingly important. BAADER wants to enable processors to react to these changes by providing high-speed food service cut-up lines to supply multiple markets.

At VIV Asia, taking place in Bangkok from March 8 to 10, BAADER will focus on the daily challenges of its customers to provide a great variety of products for the growing foodservice market. By doing so, BAADER will present a selection of equipment to support this need. One highlight is the new vision technology ClassifEYE® 2.0. Using artificial intelligence to identify deviant processing quality, ClassifEYE® 2.0 takes camera monitoring to the next level.

“The demand for eating through takeaway or home deliveries increased tremendously. This has a huge impact on how and what poultry processors produce”, says Dr Norbert Engberg, Managing Director BAADER. “With our equipment, we want to enable our customers to use their resources efficiently while addressing this growing demand for food service poultry products.”

During the fair, BAADER will hold live demos at the booth on all exhibited equipment: ClassifEYE® 2.0, a Food Service Cut-Up line, and the BAADER Refiner 601.

Featured Equipment at the VIV Asia 2023

High-Performance Evisceration and Giblet Harvesting

A full evisceration line will be presented using simplified units of each machine, thereby illustrating the functionalities of venting, opening, evisceration as well as the final control and washing.

ClassifEYE® 2.0

High processing speed requires fast decision-making. The new automated, in-line vision inspection system ClassifEYE® 2.0 is designed to detect quality deviations throughout processing and will help to determine what whole birds are fit for the Food Service Cut-Up system.

Food Service Cut-Up Line

The BAADER ProFlex Cut-Up Lines can be designed to provide the exact cutting requirements set by the common food service chains in different countries around the world whether it is the traditional eight or nine-piece cut or 10, 11 or 12-piece cuts. During the live demos at VIV Asia, we will show a 10-piece cut performed by the BAADER ProFlex Cut-up

BAADER Refiner 601

Trimmings, wishbone stamps, carcasses, or affected fillets – these are all co-products that can be further processed with the BAADER Refiner 601 into a high-quality product. The machine separates soft and solid components while maintaining meat quality.

IQF Freezer

The frozen global poultry meat market is expected to grow a lot in the upcoming years – especially for processors planning to export more products, freezing is essential. The Individually Quick-Freezing Technology from SKAGINN 3X, a new member of BAADER, is energy-efficient, allows for up to 40 per cent faster crust freezing, and has a capacity of up to 8,500 kg per hour. Due to its crust and core freezing, it guarantees highest yield, quality, and appearance.

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