BAADER at VIV Europe 2022:  Shaping the Future of Poultry Processing

31 May

VIV Europe 2022 is about finding answers to changing global supply chains and the consumer’s demand for more sustainable food production. Reacting to these changes while unlocking the full potential of long-term opportunities, BAADER closely collaborates with customers as well as institutes, institutions, and organizations as the food processing company believes that moving forward means focusing on integration, collaboration, and acceleration.

With its participation at the fair in Utrecht from May 31st to June 02nd, BAADER will show what is meant by this triad by providing an outlook on poultry processing solutions and how co-product handling creates added value even beyond sustainability while emphasizing the importance of industry-wide collaboration.

At the booth, BAADER will exhibit its newest processing equipment including advanced software solutions that are designed to optimize animal welfare and product quality, aiming at helping customers to reach future business objectives.

“Changing market dynamics and customer needs are impacting the food industry”, says Dr Norbert Engberg, Managing Director BAADER. “With our latest and ongoing processing developments, we are addressing these new requirements towards a sustainable future of poultry processing and food production. We believe that in this challenging business climate, the value of deep expertise – with cross-industry experience and external perspectives – has never been more important. And so, we look forward to discussing these new requirements with our customers but also cross-industry.”

Providing first-hand experiences, BAADER offers live demos at the booth on its new automatic Breast Cap Deboner 660A as well as on the BAADER Refiner 605. The Refiner Series sets global standards in the processing industry, by gently separating soft and solid components. A process that can be used for any kind of meat as well as for fish, fruits, vegetables – and beyond. Creating added value in the co-product handling as well as new opportunities in the protein production.

Featured Equipment at VIV Europe

Above Ground CAS

This Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) system offers a very gentle and controlled induction to unconsciousness. Stage length and gas concentration levels are adjustable to customize stunning performance. The modular design of the Above Ground CAS makes it suitable for all capacities.

ClassifEYE 2.0

The automated, in-line vision inspection system ClassifEYE 2.0 is designed to grade the whole bird by evaluating the sum of detected defects. Defects are detected at high speed to ensure a consistent and objective quality determination.

Mid-Wing Cutter 4146

The Mid-Wing Cutter 4146 positions and cuts each wing separately to optimize the cutting performance and obtain an A-grade anatomical cut. By cutting separately, the machine can be adjusted to process varying bird sizes.

Breast Cap Deboner 660A

The Breast Cap Deboner 660A is a configurable breast cap filleting machine that allows setting the required degree of automation for each kind of production. To achieve the highest possible yield, it measures the size of each processed breast cap, which is used to adjust the deboning process automatically.

BAADER Refiner 605

The BAADER Refiner 605 comes with a hydraulic supported reproducible pressure system including a pressure roller, scraper, belt tension, and chain support. Its technology ensures the quality of raw materials in a gentle manner and preserves the natural structure of the meat for further processing.

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