BAADER Denmark under New Leadership Opens Office on the Faroe Islands

21 Dec

BAADER is pleased to announce that Jákup Sørensen has been appointed the new Managing Director for BAADER Danmark A/S as of January 1, 2023. He will take over this position from Anders Lorentzen, who will start drawing his well-deserved retirement after 37 years of Service to BAADER. Anders will remain for consultative purposes until the end of June 2023, ensuring a smooth transition.

Anders Lorentzen held the position of Managing Director BAADER Danmark A/S since 1999,responsible for Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Sweden.

Jákup has been with BAADER since 2018as Sales Manager, dedicated to serving Faroese customers while ensuring close cooperation with BAADER Denmark and the BAADER Headquarters in Lubeck. Having worked closely with Anders Lorentzen for the past four years, Sørensen will ensure business continuity for the internal team and business partners.

The designated Managing Director will further capitalize on his local presence on the Faroe Islands in line with the BAADER ongoing attempts to be close to its global customers. A new BAADER Sales and Service office will be opened in Tórshavn in early 2023 next to the existing BAADER Danmark office in Glostrup, Denmark.

“The new office symbolizes the importance BAADER attributes to the Faroe Islands as a strong market for the entire BAADER brand portfolio”, highlights Robert Focke, Managing Director, BAADER Fish.

Consequently, BAADER will terminate its cooperation with Petur Larsen P/f as of April 30,2023.

Petur Larsen has been a longstanding and trusted Service partner of BAADER, maintaining BAADER machines since the 1970s in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and other places.

“We thank Petur Larsen for the long and professional cooperation and wish the team all the best in the future”, Focke says. “With our new office in Tórshavn, we will be well situated to serve our Faroese customers with our expanding, integrated solutions for fish processing from planning, sales, installation andmaintenance”.

Customers on the Faroe Islands will have the opportunity to purchase spare parts for the multiband portfolio of BAADER and SKAGINN 3X from BAADER Danmark A/S as of May 1,2023. The parts will be delivered directly from the BAADER headquarters inLubeck, Germany and the SKAGINN 3X Headquarters in Reykjavík.


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