BAADER Launches Poultry Killing Machine 2320

28 Feb

The increasing line speeds challenge poultry processors in terms of stabilizing the shackled birds and positioning the necks and heads correctly before performing the throat cut. To meet this demand for position control and to safeguard animal welfare as well as product quality, BAADER launches the new Killing Machine 2320. It is designed for high cutting accuracy and optimal bleed-out.

“With our products, we always aim at enabling our customers to protect animal welfare and product quality”, says Dr Norbert Engberg, Managing Director BAADER. “Our new Killing Machine 2320 is a great new addition to our portfolio, providing high accuracy and process control while maintaining high speed.”

The machine features a special Shackle Guidance Unit for high-speed slaughtering lines to stabilize and hold the shackles in place throughout processing. Multiple adjustment features allow the processor to control product positioning and cutting depth to achieve a perfect frontal cut that causes fast permanent loss of brain function and maximized bleed-out, thus preventing recovery of consciousness and protecting animal welfare in the slaughtering process.

Effective bleed-out is essential to product quality and shelf life. Retained blood in the meat can promote microbial growth and catalyze oxidation reactions, which again influence meat texture, flavour, colour, and nutritional qualities. Furthermore, poorly bled carcasses exhibit redness, causing expensive downgrades or condemnations as a result. Accurate throat cutting and optimized bleed-out are essential to avoid downgrades and the associated profit loss.

The new Killing Machine 2320 meets the challenges of poultry processing plants in relation to varying bird sizes – between and within flocks. The machine is designed to process birds between 1500 – 3500-gram live weights and allows for +/- 25% variation in the average flock weight within the same machine setup.

Key Benefits of the BAADER Killing Machine 2320
  • Capacity of up to 15,000 birds per hour
  • Accurate and uniform throat cut
  • Maximized bleed-out to protect meat quality and shelf life
  • High-performance cut to reduce manual rework and downgrades
  • Straight cut without skin damage
  • Adjustable to accommodate varying flock sizes
  • The machine is prepared for decapitation

The new BAADER Killing Machine 2320 is available for sale via local BAADER representatives.

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