BAADER Manifests Local Commitment with Rebranding

23 Jan

BAADER, a global leader in food processing solutions, is pleased to announce the integration and rebranding of SKAGINN 3X and BAADER Ísland under the BAADER brand. This significant investment underlines the commitment of BAADER to the Icelandic production sites and will be combined with further strengthening the Icelandic competencies in pelagic and whitefish processing.

"We are thrilled to kick off this integration and rebranding, which will bring together our expertise and resources, creating a powerful force in the industry," says Robert Focke, Managing Director BAADER Fish.

SKAGINN 3X, known for its cutting-edge temperature control products such as Freezing, Thawing and SUB-CHILLIHG™ as well as innovative solutions for whitefish and pelagic, is already in the process of integration with BAADER Ísland, a company recognized for its high-quality whitefish products and exceptional customer service. Together, the two companies will streamline their product offerings to their customers, including advanced automation, traceability systems and high-quality equipment. A joint local Service setup with a seamless spare parts supply chain is in the making.

As a sign of this increasing integration between the BAADER companies in Iceland and the parent company in Germany, the logos of the old companies have gradually disappeared in recent days, and the buildings now all bear the signs of the parent company BAADER.

"These first steps in rebranding help us feel closer to and a genuine part of BAADER. We will become one strong entity here in Iceland with a solid foundation", says Sigsteinn Gretarsson, CEO, BAADER Ísland and SKAGINN 3X. "With this change, we are not saying goodbye to our history, knowledge, and experience but underlining our intention to use the proximity to the Icelandic fishing industry in each location individually and to find new and effective channels for these benefits. Although the parent company logo will now be visible in our work, the integration is just beginning. We will therefore continue for some time to be locally known as SKAGINN 3X," Sigsteinn concludes.

The Icelandic BAADER companies look forward to working closely with customers, suppliers, and partners to deliver the best solutions and services in the industry under the new brand.

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