BAADER Showcases New Product Solutions at SPG

7 May

An entire brand room at the booth is dedicated to showcasing the company’s past and future ambitions and brings the BAADER brand alive.

Moreover, BAADER is using the show to highlight its capabilities within the entire value chain, from digital efforts and partner management beyond its own value creation to the company’s wall-to-wall salmon solutions.

"We are very ambitious in integrating digital solutions into our processes and product offerings", says Robert Focke, managing director BAADER. "Through the application of interactive touchscreens and sliders on the BAADER booth, we are now able to provide visitors with insights into our entire line solution capabilities at the show – in an interactive and engaging way."

These new sales tools are being combined with physical exhibits – the reliable BAADER 101 Harvesting Solution and the BAADER 144 Gutting and Inspection Process.

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