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The BAADER 101 Harvesting System is based on a combination stunner and bleeder that utilizes percussive technology. It is recognized as the industry standard and is being used successfully in many countries throughout the world.  

Many of the BAADER 101 components are modular in design and can be used in both the swim-in delivery systems and the manual feed systems for on- and offshore. Simple single units through to multichannel systems are available to suit customer requirements.

The BAADER 101 performs accurate stunning and bleeding that results in immediately and irreversibly stunned fish. This process, however, does not interfere with heart activity and it continues to pump, giving an optimal bleed out result.

Low stress or ‘rested-harvesting’ provides many benefits including the maintenance of product quality, extended pre-rigor processing and a lower intensity of rigor. It is possible to deliver a fresher product, earlier to the market.

B’Logic Process Navigator air BAADER 101 is our dedicated software solution for performance monitoring and yield control.

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  • Maintained product quality
  • Extends pre-rigor processing phase
  • Exceeds the regulations for animal welfare
  • Reliable stun and bleed technology

Technical Data

  • Working range (approx.)
    Swim-in system: 2–9 kg (on- and offshore)
    Manual feed: up to 12 kg
  • Throughput
    12–15 fish/min. per channel, available in four-channel and six-channel solutions


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Animal welfare

  • The BAADER 101 meets and even exceeds the highest guidelines for animal welfare
  • Low stress provides many benefits including the maintenance of product quality

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Maintained product quality

  • Accurate stunning and bleeding substantially reduces the risk of flesh damage
  • Maintained flesh colour, intact meat structure and increased shelf life
  • Reduced intensity of rigor through the limitation of stress during harvesting results in an extended pre-rigor processing time
  • Swim-in system with automatically controlled gate system ensures separation of fish into the stun and bleed units
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Harvest efficiency

  • Best bleed out through lasting heart activity
  • Automatic transfer for high efficiency
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Automatic processing with swim-in system

  • Reduced labour costs through fewer operators
  • The fish has no contact with humans
  • The salmon orientates against the current and swims into the processing area by following its instincts
  • Automatic positioning of stunning and bleeding tools for large fish size range
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Animal Welfare – Superior Product QualityHarvesting Solution BAADER 101 #1

Bodo Hensen, Product Manager at BAADER, goes into depth on the precise considerations and findings on which BAADER built its stun and bleed solution. In the BAADER Technology Center, he illustrates how this expert knowledge is applied to the technology of the BAADER 101.

With Bodo Hensen

3:07 min | Release Date 12.10.2020

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