Gutting and Deboning of Trout

It seems to be complete ... but it is indeed boneless!

The BAADER 136 has been designed specifically for the quick and easy deboning of small, gutted or ungutted trout. This unique machine cuts out both the main backbone and rib bones while also removing most of the gill. High yield is achieved through precision engineering.

The result, when seen from the outside, looks like a complete trout, but when opened, it is completely boneless! This versatile product can be used in many ways including fresh ready-to-prepare, smoked or frozen.

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  • Attractive boneless fish product, connected at the back with head and tail
  • Suitable for both – round and gutted fish
  • High speed: up to 50 fish/min. possible depending upon operator skills
  • Easy to clean, operate and maintain

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    Trout (round or gutted). Pre-headed fish are also suitable
  • Working range (approx.)
    160 – 650 g (round fish weight)
  • Throughput
    Up to 50 fish/min. (depending on fish size and operator skills)


Boneless – ready for use

  • Boneless fish delivered with or without head
  • Intact fish – connected along the back
  • Versatile product – fresh ready-to-prepare, smoked or frozen
  • Suitable for both round and gutted fish


  • Open access design – main parts can be opened for deep cleaning
  • Cleaning nozzles for optimal cleaning of the transport belt

Easy to maintain

  • Good accessibility for easy maintenance
  • Quick adjustment of the transport belt with tightening device
  • Blades can be easily accessed for replacement or sharpening


  • Optional blade sharpening device available – easily attached and is driven by the machine
  • Integrated jam-control with auto stop prevents fish miscuts
  • Automatic water shut off when machine is not running
  • Adjustable operator platform
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