Crab Butchering of Snow Crabs and Dungeness

Optimized automatic butchering

The BAADER 2801 Crab Butchering Machine provides the Crab Processor with a more refined and gentle way to butcher dungeness and snow crab while also improving production value and reducing costs.

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  • Consistent butchering results with high yield
  • Decreased labour costs
  • Easy and safe to operate with adjustable speed for workers’ welfare
  • Provides product clean stream for packing area
  • Optional sorting unit to reduce labour and incorrect grading of crab sections and clusters

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    Snow crab, dungeness
  • Working range (approx.)
    Snow crab: 95–150 mm Carapace
    Dungeness: 100–255 mm Carapace
  • Throughput
    Snow Crab: 18–42 crab/min
    Dungeness: 18–35 crab/min


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Refined and gentle way to butcher

  • A sophisticated dual measuring system calculates the length of the crab for exact positioning
  • Precise removal of the carapace
  • A water spray system removes the gills and entrails from the centre before splitting

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High-quality clusters

  • A water spray system removes the gills and entrails from the center before splitting
  • Consistent cuts provide high-quality clusters
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