Heading of salmon and sea trout

Perfect yield starts with perfect heading

Gentle and yield saving

You will never get back the yield you lose with bad heading. With the BAADER 434 you get a unique heading machine for salmon and sea trout. It produces a perfect U-cut which leaves the neck flesh on the trunk, increasing yield to the maximum. The yield at the end of the filleting line can only be as good as the gained yield from the very beginning.

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  • High speed – up to 42 fish/min.
  • Leaves the neck flesh on the trunk
  • Easy Infeed

Technical Data

  • Species
    Salmon and sea trout
  • Throughput
    up to 42 fish/min.
    (depending on fish/min)



  • Significant yield-saving U-cut
  • Leaves the neck flesh at the trunk
  • Automatic adjustment to fish size

Gentle product handling

  • Gentle fish transport ensures there is no external damage to the body of the fish

Easy handling

  • Infeed is fairly independent of the operator’s skills
  • Co-ordinated measuring and cutting system
  • Easy to operate and to clean

Product stability

  • Less human interaction is necessary
  • Consistent product flow at high speed
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