BAADER 581 Pro

Filleting and trimming of farmed salmon, trout, wild caught coho, sockey, tuna and similar

Robust – Reliable - Intelligent

Mastering the Art of Filleting

We watched human hand filleting pros to see how finely and precisely they separate the fillet from the main bone by hand. Then the challenge was to do it as well - or better.

The BAADER 581 Pro is the latest innovation in the filleting section from BAADER. It represents probably the most powerful and advanced filleting machine in the world.  

These in-depth studies resulted in the development of the BAADER 581 Pro’s most innovative optional feature: the dynamic back knife module which offers outstanding possibilities for increasing the yield of the fillet.  

The optional belly trim tool integrates the main trimming effort into the filleting machine and compensates for further operators. It allows for different cutting patterns and is completely integrated into the recipe management system.

The new layout of the BAADER 581 Pro has a 20% smaller footprint compared to its predecessor by streamlining the housing. The recently designed housing also reduces processing noise for a quieter production atmosphere.

It features individual fish measurement, offering operational flexibility for a wide range of fish species and different kinds of conditions.  

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  • High speed – up to 25 fish/min.
  • Consistent output quality – day in, day out
  • Suitable for a range of different species (e.g. trout or wild salmon)
  • Adaptable to different trim products (A–D trim)
  • Suitable for a wide range of fish qualities – from pre-rigor to defrosted, soft fish
  • Easy to adjust and to maintain

Technical Data

  • Working range (approx.)
    Farmed salmon (gutted): 2 - 7 kg
    Farmed trout (gutted): 1.2 - 5 kg
    Wild caught coho (H&G): 2 - 4 kg
    Wild caught sockeye (H&G): 2 - 4 kg
    other species on request
  • Throughput
    Up to 25 fish/min
    (optional with belly trim cutter - no speed reduction)


Hygienic, Open and Flexible Design

  • Consistent product flow - no stops
  • Very gentle handling of the fish - less downgrades
  • Fillets leave the machine tail first for subsequent skinning

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High flexibility to different species and conditions

  • Adaptable recipe management system allows for changes during operation
  • Individual fish measurement
  • High operational flexibility for different fish species and conditions
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Optimal fillet quality

  • Computer controlled active cutting tools
  • Smooth surface as a result of reduced fillet stress during processing
  • No gaping
  • No blood spotting
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Optional belly trim cutter

  • Photoelectric belly trim measuring system provides quick and accurate results without speed reduction
  • Trimming parameters controlled via touch panel
  • Quick changeover for different trim variations
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High capacity, high throughput

  • Consistent product flow – no stops
  • Very gentle handling of the fish – fewer downgrades
  • Fillets leave the machine tail first for subsequent skinning
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