TRIO Ergo Light Pin Bone Remover

Semi-automatic pin bone removal from fresh or defrosted salmon, sea trout and similar

Every Fillet Deserves a Perfect Finish

Efficient, Light and Safe for Final Inspection

The machine consists of a control/compressed air unit and up to two handheld pin bone removers.  

The control/compressed air unit supplies the pin bone remover with compressed air.  

One RPM-setting valve per pin bone remover and the main valve that acts as the main switch are located on this unit.  

In addition, the control/compressed air unit also supplies the pin bone removers with water and has an additional valve to set the water flow.  

The pin bone remover operates through a compressed air motor that also acts as a handle.  

The pin bone remover has a control handle, which starts and stops it.  

The exhaust air from the compressed air motor is led back to the control/pressure air unit and is removed centrally from there.

To alleviate in whole or in part the weight of the handheld pin bone remover for the machine operator, a spring balancer can be used.  

The pin bone remover is fitted with a solid eye for this purpose, to which a carabiner, for example, from a spring balancer, can be attached.  

To meet the individual needs of the user, there are pin bone removers in left-handed and right-handed versions.

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  • Very gentle pin bone removal
  • For fresh or defrosted fillets
  • Can be used for neck bones and pin bones
  • Also reliable under the harshest working conditions
  • Hygienic hand tool
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning
  • Hygienic air control panel
  • Meets latest safety standards – no uncontrolled operation
  • Right-/left-hand versions available

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    Salmon, sea trout (fresh or defrosted)


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  • Each hand tool is equipped with a safety lever that stops the spin wheel immediately upon release
  • No uncontrolled operation – stops when not in use
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  • 10% lighter in weight compared to previous models
  • Nimble, well-balanced tool that reduces operator fatigue
  • No tool temperature change during operation
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  • Significant design changes to reduce pin bone jamming
  • New powerful motor reduces air consumption without any increase in operating temperature
  • Very gentle pin bone removal
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  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning
  • Quick release spring lock
  • Open design for faster cleaning
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