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BAADER is home to a portfolio of product brands that cater to a variety of customers and industry segments providing a range of equipment, solutions and services to meet expectations.

Seafood Processing Global 2024

Visit BAADER at booth 3JJ601
23-25 April 2024 | Fira Barcelona Gran Via Venue | Barcelona, Spain
  • The fish processing industry is undergoing a transformation. Consumer trends as well as ever more stringent food quality and safety standards, sustainability efforts, fish quota and volatile markets are determining factors for its change.
  • Under these fast-moving conditions, it is even more important to be able to count on efficient, smart, on-demand solutions from one single, reliable source that brings your fish or seafood processing operation maximum yield and flexibility.
  • At BAADER, quality, reliability and partnership drive us to innovate fish processing value chains. For over 100 years, we aim to serve the global fish processing industry with advanced “solutions & automation on demand” tailored to your specific needs.
Solutions along the value chain
Factors such as raw material treatment, quality, speed, efficiency, maintenance and yield influence the choice of equipment at each processing step in the value chain. BAADER offers innovative, reliable equipment along the different processing steps, all the way from harvesting or receiving to freezing and packaging. Our solutions are designed to support our customers in achieving and maintaining long-term economic, social and environmental sustainability and offer consumers around the world high quality, nutritious seafood.
Solutions across the species
We cater to various species, including whitefish, sea bass, redfish, crab, salmon, pelagic, or tuna, offering value-added processing solutions in a resource-saving and sustainable manner!
Solutions tailored to your processing needs
Whether you are a regional or a large multinational processor, at BAADER we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. From individual single-skill machines to wall-to-wall total line solution, we make sure that it delivers the quality, throughput and yield you require. BAADER is your one stop shop for reliable fish and seafood processing equipment.Our range of primary processing solutions include humane stunning and slaughtering applications, innovative gutting and nobbing machines and hygienic, efficient bleeding tanks for maximum product quality. These deliver firm, quality fish ready for further processing or packing. Our secondary processing equipment includes de-scaling, skinning and dark meat removing machines as well as heading, filleting, trimming and pinboning lines and equipment. Across the range we also offer temperature control solutions including chilling, sub-chilling, plate and IQF tunnel freezing and thawing. End-of-line efficiency is offered through intelligent weighing, grading and packing systems that automatically regulate production flow. Choosing for BAADER means partnering with a reliable supplier of advanced fish processing solutions on demand. Together we design efficient and flexible solutions that will make you agile to respond to ever changing market conditions, food safety standards, animal welfare requirements and sustainability targets. Come and talk to our specialists and discover the optimal solution for your specific needs.


Next Generation in efficient whitefish filleting – even for soft fish:
The BAADER 189 Pro is the successor of a true legend that now returns to the stage in an updated version, allowing processors to get the best out of every fish in an even more efficient, smart and energy-saving way. Higher yield – cleaner fillets and less trimming is the key to success.
Flagship Salmon Filleting Solution
Get unbeatable yield with BAADER 581 Pro. With our flagship we are mastering the art of filleting when it comes to reliable and intelligent filleting of salmon. Many satisfied customers are convinced by this probably most powerful and advanced filleting machine in the world with the most reliable yield.
Digitalization & software solutions “Our Software, Your Process”
As a full solution on demand technology provider, BAADER offers dedicated food processing software tools that bring you next level traceability, production- and quality control. Our software solutions help you to make the right decisions and fulfil the ever-growing demands for food safety, better raw material utilization and sustainability.
Sustainable solutions supporting the 100% fish utilization objective.
Throughout each step of the processing line, our equipment helps facilitating the 100% fish utilization objective. We design each of our solutions with the highest raw material usage and efficiency in mind. From the cleanest gutting to the highest quality fillet, with BAADER´s solutions you can rest assured to generate the highest value. Even the remaining by-products are of such quality that they can easily be applied as a renewable source for a wide variety of value-added products.
BAADERING Technology
Besides our wide range of solutions for high-quality seafood processing, our BAADERING technology is an advanced process to gently separate soft and solid components from fish remains. Maximum fish mince recovery allows you to create value-added fish by-products such as fish sticks and snacks from the soft components. The remaining solid (waste) components can be further recycled and processed, with 3rd party technology, into advanced applications such as cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pet food and many more.

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