BAADER and Norway - Close-Knit Ties

May 2, 2019

Fisheries have been an important part of Norwegian coastal communities for centuries. Increased fishing capacity and the development of new technology brought new possibilities to the industry. BAADER processing technologies played an important role for both capturing the most capacity and professionalizing aquaculture industries.


The history of BAADER started in 1919 when the company was founded in Lübeck, Germany. After three years of development, BAADER presented the world’s first heading and deboning machine for herring, thereby revolutionizing fish processing forever.

30 years later, in the early 50s, BAADER inventions for onshore and offshore fish processing made a significant impact to the Norwegian and global fishing industry. The introduction of the BAADER 99, the first filleting machine for whitefish, enabled automated processing on a global scale. It paved the way for Norway to invest in industrial fish farming. BAADER offshore fish processing equipment further allowed for reaching new, distant fishing grounds. This development was restricted when the Norwegian quota system was implemented in1972, followed by the 200-mile fisheries' protection zone around Norway in 1977.

Norway’s response

Norway’s response to these limitations could not have been more innovative. It gave rise to the development and professionalization of aqua farming known today. BAADER supplied relevant technical solutions to process the increased amount of farmed fish. We accomplished this first through various whitefish machines, followed by salmon processing technology. When profitability of the Norwegian aquaculture went down, BAADER responded with new technology. We offered innovative solutions that changed fishing boats and on-land aquaculture installations from labour-intensive into automatic processing.

Salmon farms in Norway

At the 2019 North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen, Norway  Executive Chairwoman, Petra Baader, was honoured for the company’s impact tothe Norwegian fishery industry. She announced, “Together, we made the booming of aqua farming possible”.

Over the past 100 years, BAADER has supported the Norwegian market from its headquarters in Lübeck, but also by its local subsidiaries in Ålesund and Tromsø. BAADER Norge is responsible for sales of new machines and spare parts, offers installation support for new processing lines and provides service and maintenance on our customers’ fleet.

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