A NEW Game-changer at the Heart of Salmon Processing

Oct 29, 2020

“We monitored human hand filleting pros to see how filigree and precise they separate the filet from the main bone by hand. Now the challenge was to do it as good - or better”, says Mirko Pagels, lead engineer of the BAADER 581 Pro in the Filleting Episode of Salmon Sessions.

These in-depth studies resulted in the development of the BAADER 581 Pro’s most innovative feature: the dynamic back knife module. Depending on the fish's anatomy, the knives are automatically adapting to the upper back area of every single salmonid leaving as little flesh on the frame as a hand filleter would. Very narrow in the tail section but opening up to the wider backbones in the neck area.

The result changes the common understanding of yield expectations for machine filleting.

Mastering the art of filleting

Through rigorous development and industry testing, BAADER has been offering quality processing equipment, that produces seamless fillets, enabling customers to move forward with certainty and peace of mind. The BAADER 581 Pro represents the next generation in the evolution of robust, reliable and intelligent BAADER filleting solution for salmonids. Using technology, experience and customer feedback from the BAADER 581, the Pro architecture now combines proven system designs with novel features.

Saddle mounted fish transport on reduced footprint - an evolution of proven technology

With the main bone fixed on a saddle, all yield relevant areas of the fish are optimally accessible for the knives - for highest yield at a speed of 25 fish per minute. Another positive aspect is the absence of pressure on the fillet. The meat is completely relaxed ensuring that no process-related gaping occurs. Gaping is the tearing of the connective tissue between muscle layers and hence causes holes and slits in the fish fillet. This leads to the downgrading of the final product.

Saddle mounted fish transport - the BAADER 581 Pro

Also known from the BAADER 581, the BAADER 581 Pro features individual fish measurement, which offers operational flexibility to a range of fish species. The integrated recipe management system can be customized to specific requirements, storing different production parameters for a range of salmonids and qualities. Any recipe can be quickly updated and changed during operation without further machine adjustments and process interruptions. The dynamic back knife, as well as all other yield relevant tools, can be adjusted remotely with the improved Human-Machine-Interface(HMI). The HMI surface has been completely re-designed for ease of operation Sven Bartusch, Final Assembly Engineer at BAADER can confirm the easy menu navigation: “The new HMI touch display offers easy access to the machine parameters and service features, intuitive and simple to use”.

The BAADER 581 Pro at the BAADER Technology Center in Lübeck, Germany

Improved design – reduced footprint and easy serviceability

The BAADER 581 Pro shows up with redesigned covers which reduce the footprint and maintains the required safety levels. Sven Bartusch, Final Assembly Engineer at BAADER, adds: “The new design makes service and maintenance activities easier and quicker.

Optional add-on– the Belly Trim Cutter

The optional belly trim tool integrates the main trimming effort into the filleting machine. It allows for different cutting patterns and is fully integrated in the recipe management even with the collarbone on — from straight cut to fin off only — and more. Photoelectric belly trim measuring system provides quick and accurate results. Sensors measure belly height, thereby allowing for independent left and right cutting.

The future is now

The BAADER 581 Pro is now available for sale.

Watch the Salmon Session

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, vice president of sales and service at BAADER, explore the new features of the company’s latest filleting solution. A replay is now available on-demand.

Meet the BAADER experts

Mirko Pagels, Manager Research & Development

Mirko Pagels impacted the development of the BAADER 101and the BAADER 867 and was a driving factor in finding new, innovative solutions for the whitefish filleting solution BAADER 582. In 2017, he became Manager, Research and Development and has no intention to slow down his creative spirit. He travels a lot for his job and supports our customers and colleagues around the world. As a passionate kitesurfer, it should come as no surprise that he has a natural affinity to water.

Sven Bartusch, Final Assembly Engineer

Sven Bartusch joined BAADER in 2014 as a travelling technician and has been part of many installations around the globe. In 2018, he switched departments and is now working on refining our latest fish processing machinery. Sven always puts the customer first and always finds away to implement individualized wants and ideas for BAADER customers.

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