Gazelle Award 2020 für BAADER Logistix

Oct 8, 2020

Even though Covid-19 has put a dampener on most festivities worldwide there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate. BAADER Logistix A/S has been given this year’s Gazelle award by the well-respected Danish business newspaper Børsen. The Gazelle award has for the last 25 years been a recognition of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark showing the way with growth, success and optimism.

Henning Petersen, Managing Director BAADER Logistix

“We at BAADER Logistix are all very proud and honoured to receive the Gazelle award. A special thanks to BAADER for your continuous support and cooperation – we would like to share this award with you”, says Henning Petersen, Managing Director BAADER Logistix.

Here’s how Børsen chooses their Gazelle companies:

“The requirements to become a Børsen Gazelle are tough. A gazelle company grows continuously and at least doubles its turnover or gross profit over the course of four financial years with continuous positive growth throughout this period. It is impressive that you have been able to live up to this, so congratulations on your great work and the title as a Børsen Gazelle 2020.”

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