Improved Technology for Superior Baadered Meat Production

Jun 1, 2021

The term BAADERING has been a synonym for gentle product refinement with maximum resource appreciation and value creation for over 50 years.

The brand new BAADER 608 - the most powerful and largest member of the BAADERING machine family takes this technology to the next level. Thanks to its improved design, this machine is the most innovative and hygienic of its kind. It sets new standards for food quality, value creation and process reliability, as well as for user-friendliness. 

The smooth insight of the BAADER 608 front plate

BAADERING offers more food quality, more value creation and more process reliability

BAADERING is an internationally recognized process of separating soft and solid components, elevating the value of the product at the same time. This technology helps produce the highest quality ground meat –  close to bone, cartilage and sinews free, ensuring the highest possible yield. 

Not only is the complex process of BAADERING a significant time-saver, it also provides decisive advantages to the quality of the processed goods. 

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Superior desinewed meat capturing

The BAADERING Technology of the BAADER 608 is based on a unique press-separation process for separating the flesh from connective tissue and tendons and for separating soft and solid parts by use of a squeezing belt, called BAADERING. Since the squeezing belt system offers sufficient flexibility, the muscle fibre structure of the source product is being preserved, At the same time, unwanted solid components are kept out of the end product during processing. The result is baadered meat low in calcium, with a high binding capacity of the meat, optimum meat colour and a convincing visual appearance of the end product. 

Machine-derived residual meat is an important raw material to produce meat products and meat preparations. Production of this meat allows to sustainably tap streams of revenue that are otherwise lost while maintaining the quality of the meat.

“Our BAADERING Technology Series offers a consistently high product quality while varying in machine size to adapt to the processors' volume requirements with the BAADER 608 offering the highest processing capacity”, explains Martin Schaarschmidt, Global Sales Manager, BAADERING Technology. “BAADERING allows making to most of the raw material, thereby preserving live stocks”. Its flexible use extends to other raw materials such as fish, poultry,  fruit and vegetable, depackaging and more. 

The new BAADER 608 is now available for sales via the local BAADER representatives.

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