BAADER Is Part of the First Ras Salmon Plant in China

Jul 9, 2024

Norway is famous for its seafood, especially salmon. It is traditionally farmed in Norway.  

There is strong demand for farmed Atlantic salmon in China. Farming it on land close to cities such as Beijing and Shanghai enables fresher products and reduced carbon footprint and logistic costs.

The Norwegian company Nordic Aqua Partners has brought its expertise to China and launched its Nordic PurAtlantic salmon in the Chinese market. It will be sold in the Chinese market under Nordic's "Pure Atlantic" brand.

Nordic Aqua has the first large-scale land-based fish farm in China. The Nordic Aqua facility on Gaotang Island is designed to produce more fish with less waste. BAADER is making a significant contribution with the BAADER 101 for stunning and bleeding the fish and the BAADER 142 for automatic gutting.

The BAADER 101 is a game changer in the salmon processing industry. It ensures animal welfare and superior product quality. Once fish are stunned, they cannot regain consciousness, so they do not suffer. The fish remains unconscious until death.

“We chose BAADER because we care about fish welfare and quality, stated Ragnar Joensen, CEO of Nordic Aqua Partners AS”
“We chose BAADER 142 for our gutting process because it's known for perfect results."
“This helps us ensure food safety and quality – that’s why we chose BAADER 142 for our gutting process because it's known for perfect gutting results.”

BAADER 142 performs a perfect princess cut combined with suction devices and throat cutting tools. It collects and takes in the guts efficiently, leaving the main bone nearly free from bloodstains.  

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