Wall-to-Wall Solutions from a Single Source

Dec 10, 2020

As the world’s requirement for nutrition is rapidly growing, processing resources in an optimal way is key to providing high-quality food for present and future generations. This is where fully integrated wall-to-wall solutions, from stunning to packing, play a major role. In the wall-to-wall episode of the BAADER Salmon Sessions, Christian Lohse, project sales engineer at BAADER, explains how line solutions from a single source will benefit the customer in terms of product quality, utilization of raw materials and efficiency. It is in the processing line where BAADER machines and solutions develop their full potential.

Precision and process stability

BAADER machines offer the highest precision and processing stability when integrated into a system solution. The BAADER processing solution can cover the entire salmon processing from harvesting to packaging. In addition, this can be configured to the demands of the customers' parameters regarding throughput, labour rate, and product flexibility. Solutions can additionally be configured to reduce human contact to food items in order to keep hygiene standards and avoid food contamination. Synchronization of interfaces helps to ensure minimum down-time thus increasing cost efficiency. Entire processing lines are the perfect solution to ensure both product quality and animal welfare as well as maximum cost-efficiency.

Flexible approach

Due to the scalability and modular design of their line solutions, BAADER can provide full flexibility to meet the individual demands of each customer; there is no one size fits all approach. Lines for smaller customers can be designed in a way that ensures future upgrades are easily integrated. BAADER also delivers different automation levels according to the varying needs of the clients. In close cooperation with the customer, the BAADER interdisciplinary project department develops and implements tailor-made solutions to exactly fulfil the individual requirements. This way, BAADER can offer line solutions in various dimensions, from small production lines to huge wall-to-wall solutions. “We are running projects from small to big solutions. “We are currently installing one of the biggest salmon processing lines in the world”, Christian Lohse explains in the wall-to-wall episode. Norwegian based customer SinkabergHansen is setting up a new salmon factory in Rørvik with BAADER as total solution supplier.

BAADER salmon gutting processing line  

General contractor and total solution supplier

The design covers all processing lines in the plant, from live fish handling to stunning, bleeding, cooling, gutting, whole fish packing and a complete filleting line upgrade. The line solutions are created around the BAADER core machines making sure to use the latest technologies such as vision systems, the BAADER weighing technology and line control systems. The agreement also includes the BAADER intelligent production management software, B’logic®, for full traceability from when the fish enters the factory to the final packed product, intelligent fish distribution and increased information around the fish. Together, SinkabergHansen and BAADER are developing the most innovative and cost-effective factory to provide state-of-the-art processed salmon to global consumers. This project even exceeds the scale of the project jointly implemented with Cermaq commissioned in 2018.

Solutions for the individual processing steps

Not every project has to be as big as the two huge Norwegian salmon processing plants. As Christian Lohse points out, “a solution or project doesn't necessarily include all these steps.” BAADER also develops processing lines just for stunning and bleeding, for filleting, or for grading and packing to give some examples. Further steps in the process can easily be integrated at a later stage, thanks to the modular design of the processing line. By sharing knowledge and close collaboration with customers and partners the industry will move towards greater efficiency, traceability, transparency, profitability, and sustainability.

Customized line solutions

Watch the Salmon Sessions

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow is joined by Christian Lohse, project sales engineer at BAADER, and together they explore the advantages of the BAADER wall-to-wall solutions. A replay is now available on-demand.  

Meet our Experts

Christian Lohse, Project Sales Engineer  

Christian completed his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering while working at BAADER. From consulting and project design to line control and contract negotiation, Christian is a true expert around salmon processing solutions. He knows how to deal with complex projects and how to simplify processes. As much as he enjoys travelling abroad for his job, he appreciates living near the Lübeck office to have more time to train for his next triathlon.

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