Studies Support That Our Plate Freezers Are by Far More Energy Efficient than the Traditional Blast Freezers

Jun 21, 2023

In a world where carbon footprint is a constant challenge and alarming difficulties in access to electrical energy are affecting our customers, we in BAADER are proud to contribute to solutions to the challenges. In an Icelandic part of the BAADER organisation called SKAGINN 3X we are building Plate Freezers that are by far more energy efficient than the traditional Blast Freezers.

In this context we are proud to present that independent third-party research conducted by Matís Iceland reports significant benefits of plate freezing compared to traditional blast freezing. The report says about the benefits of plate freezing compared to blast freezing that „ Experiments suggest that the reduction in freezing time is almost 74%.“ Also that „It is noted that no significant gaping effects were measured and that the freezing time from the automatic box freezing method significantly affects the mackerel's peritoneum less than the blast freezing method.“

Matís in Iceland works on a variety of projects in the food industry, with an emphasis on innovation and added value.

Link to the public part of the report: Modeling of Temperature Changes, Energy Usage and Quality Changes During Automatic Box Freezing of Mackerel - Matís (

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