BAADER Features Optimal Integrated Solutions for Deboning Bigger Bird Sizes

Kansas City
25 Jan

BAADER focuses its participation in the International Production & Processing Expo(IPPE) 2022, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, at the Georgia World Congress Center from January 25th to 27th, 2022 on optimal deboning solutions for bigger bird sizes.

The BAADER booth C11843 features the automatic and flexible wing cutting for the cut-up line, the new Front Half Deboner 661 where automation technologies and human skills meet in a powerful union, the Poultry Skinner 625 for chicken breasts and the BAADER 608 Refiner for optimal resource efficiency and value-add.

The vast booth offers enough space for visitors to feel safe while providing a pleasant atmosphere to engage with international BAADER sales representatives and processing experts. Personal meetings can be scheduled upfront under

In connection to this important exhibition for the meat and poultry industry, BAADER today launches a first version of the new With a fresh and new design, revised content and a clear structure, customers, and other stakeholders can now learn much more about BAADER, its technology, and its services.

Featured Equipment at IPPE

Wing Segmenting

Automatic and flexible wing cutting directly on the cut-up line will add value to your wing products and prepare the front half for deboning. More on the ProFlex cut-up solutions here.

Front Half Deboner 661

This breast-filleting machine is designed to replace the industry-standard double-sided manual deboning lines. It only requires eight people to run 70 front halves per minute and saves approximately 20 feet of valuable production space. More on the Semi-Automatic Front Half Deboner BAADER 661 here.

Poultry Skinner 625

This skinning machine effectively removes skin and undesired fat from chicken breast fillets while protecting the fillet quality at all times. More on the Poultry Skinner 625 here.

BAADERING Technology

The gentle method for product refinement. This technology does not only add value, it also improves sustainability by increasing resource efficiency. More on the BAADER refiner, the BAADER 601 here.

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