Gutting of salmon

Perfect filleting starts with perfect gutting

The BAADER 142 makes a very precise princess cut. This is accomplished by computerized length and shape measurements in addition to state-of-the-art cleaning, rinsing and suctioning operations.

Even at high throughput rates, there is complete and accurate removal of entrails and blood.

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  • Performs an accurate Princess cut
  • Princess cut and eviscerating is fully automatic
  • Abdominal cavity is completely eviscerated and cleaned
  • Prevention of excessive contamination by means of closed vacuum tubing
  • No external damage caused to the fish, e.g. to the scales, as a result of machine design and smooth fish transport
  • Fish without heads can also be processed with minor machine modifications

Technical Data

  • Species
    Salmon, sea trout
  • Working range (approx.)
    2–7 kg (ungutted, head on)
  • Throughput (stand-alone machine)
    Up to 16 fish/min. (depending on fish size)


Clean belly cavity

  • A Clean Fish Kit (CFK) guarantees the cleaning of the complete belly cavity  
  • Guts are removed by means of a vacuum system
  • The main bone is almost free from any black bloodstains originating from the kidneys

High efficiency

  • The BAADER 62 is designed both for resharpened knives and for providing extremely worn blunt knives with exact chamfers again.

Perfect finish

  • After sharpening, the knife-edge can be honed using the honing wheel to remove burrs and achieve a finer, well-polished surface.
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Exact princess cut

  • The fish to be processed is loaded manually.  
  • A powerful tail clamp guarantees a gentle transport of the fish.
  • The cut positions are electronically measured for each fish.
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Automatic feeding possible

  • Highly efficient and controlled process is possible.
  • Reduction of operator influence to the bare minimum with the result of minimized labour costs and elimination of human errors.
  • Improving the overall gutting process by automating the distribution of un-gutted fish to the BAADER 142 Gutting Machines.
  • The open control and process-flow system enables the processor to easily change product flows to the needs and requirements of the production schedule.
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