Manual Gutting Table for various species - Available for 6 or 8 operators

Highly flexible gutting operation

Perfect Complement for Automated Systems

Full Flexibility for the Gutting Process

The BAADER 1580 Manual Gutting Table is a multifunctional manually operated component of the BAADER Gutting line. It provides a flexible solution that allows for a differing number of operators to carry out the gutting processes, such as cutting (‘princess cut’), evisceration, kidney extraction and after-cleaning. When combined with automated gutting equipment, this ergonomic table can accommodate all the fish outside the normal size range, i.e. too small/large or misshapen (deformed/no tail etc.). Any fish not completely cleaned in the automated process can be automatically sent to a buffer section for after-cleaning and reintroduced into the system without interruption to the main product flow.

Depending upon the quantity and quality of fish coming into the line, the BAADER 1580 Manual Gutting Table can be manned by only two operators to maintain a low throughput or up to eight operators for maximum capacity.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Gentle handling of the fish
  • Direct connection to the BAADER 1570 Speed Feed System for capacity control to maintain minimum speed on the table
  • Efficient table design and set-up
  • Highly flexible manual gutting operation  
  • Complement for automated processes  
  • CIP cleaning possible

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    Various species
  • Working range (approx.)
  • Throughput (standalone machine)
    Up to 200 fish/min.


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Flexible operation

  • Gutting operation independent of fish size
  • Incoming fish can be delivered to both ends of the table
  • Suitable as a complete gutting solution or just for after-cleaning
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Gentle and ergonomic handling

  • Gentle fish handling, no high transfer heights
  • Fish kept at optimum gutting position by trays and conveyor belts
  • Height-adjustable operator platforms for ergonomic working height
  • Optimal blood and entrail collection
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Adaptable to customers’ requirements

  • Flexible number of workstations
  • Buffer size and operator equipment can be modified
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Plant integration

  • Easy integration into the processing plant’s existing vacuum system or complete solution
  • Vacuum funnel for collection of blood and entrails underneath the table
  • Overhead vacuum piping for collection of kidney and remaining blood
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