Saltfish splitting of whitefish like cod, saithe, ling, leng and brosme

Perfect saltfish cut from small to big

Stability and efficiency for your production

The BAADER 541 processes raw material for saltfish from gutted, bled and headed whitefish.

The centrebone is removed with a split cut on the left or right side of the main bone. You can choose between the Norwegian or the Icelandic version of the BAADER 541.

For smaller fish the machine can perform a split cut throughout the whole fish leaving the complete main bone in the fish.

A special neck blood removal device guarantees a clean neck area..

A wide working range is possible without any adjustments.

All cutting parameters are defined based on a length measurement. These parameters can be stored in the machine database of the touchscreen.

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  • Perfect saltfish cut
  • Clean neck area
  • Gentle handling of the fish
  • Exact cutting due to electronic measurement
  • Wide working range

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    Cod, saithe (pollock), ling, leng, brosme
  • Working range (approx.)
    Fish length: 45–110 cm / 0.6–10 kg  
    Trunk length: 35–80 cm / 0.4–8 kg
  • Throughput
    10–35 fish/min. (depending on size)



  • No after-cleaning necessary
  • Reproducible results due to pre-defined cutting parameters
  • Wide working range – manual adjustments not necessary

Easy to use

  • A cutting program is available for each species stored in the machine database
  • Cutting parameters can be adjusted via a touch display

Easy to clean

  • The whole machine can be opened for easy access
  • The fillet belt can be easily removed for better cleaning
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Best saltfish quality

  • Undamaged collarbone on the trunk
  • Clean neck area
  • Exact cutting due to electronic measurement
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