Speed feed system for salmon gutting solution

Significant increase in efficiency and speed

Full Flexibility and Traceability

Increasing efficiency even higher is possible when the BAADER 144 is deployed in combination with the BAADER 1570 Speed Feed System. This automatic feeding system can seamlessly feed up to eight gutting machines with a nearly 100% hit rate. All fish fed into the system will reach the gutting machine directly with a speed of up to 25 fish per minute.

The BAADER 1570 Speed Feed System is an advanced transportation method at both the infeed and outfeed sides of the BAADER Gutting Solution. In comparison with alternative feeding systems, each fish is transported sideways. This not only significantly increases capacity; it also allows for a reduced transportation speed.

Each fish is dropped into an individual tray and tracked to the corresponding outfeed of the BAADER 1570 Speed Feed System.

Tracking information includes quality criteria such as outside quality and cleaning result as well as the length, width, height and weight of the fish.

When the tray reaches the drop point, it is gently tilted and the fish slides onto the cross-feed conveyor and is delivered directly to the next processing stage. Due to the form of discharge, each tray can be emptied at each drop every time allowing for full production flexibility.

The BAADER 1570 Speed Feed System is suitable both as an infeed system to the BAADER 144 Gutting Machine as well as a takeaway and distribution solution for HOG fish to filleting, HOG packing, freezing etc.

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  • High speed – up to 25 fish/min.
  • Wide working range without manual adjustment
  • Highly consistent and flawless cleaning result – also with larger fish
  • Rapid changeover between species
  • Significant reduction in machine cleaning time
  • Camera detection of final gutting result
  • Dashboard showing real-time and log information on all mobile devices

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    Atlantic salmon
  • Working range (approx.)
    2 to 11 kg
  • Throughput
    Up to 200 fish/min.


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Even small fish –big yield

  • Small fish possible with optional small fish kit
  • Cod from 550g – 2,500g h&g
  • High speed for small fish (with optional small fish kit)
  • Smart recipe management
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Gutting Efficiency

  • High-speed feeding solution of up to 200 fish/ min. to feed the BAADER 144 Gutting Machines and BAADER 1870 Wholefish Grader
  • Flexible drop off for each tray at every outfeed gate
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Gentle handling

  • Outfeed realized with chutes for gentle transfer to cross-feed conveyors
  • Reduced overall speed due to sideways transport of the fish

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Highly automated system

  • Reduced contact between operator and fish
  • Tracking and tracing along the entire value chain – up- and downstream
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