Filleting of fresh or defrosted whitefish like cod, saithe, haddock, hake, Alaska pollock

Robust – Reliable - Intelligent

Simplified Procedure ensures Usability

The BAADER 588 is a unique and user-friendly filleting machine for small and medium-sized whitefish – fresh or defrosted. The consistent running of fish through the machine guarantees a higher throughput. Centralized mechanical adjustments of cutting parameters allows for different species and precise cutting.

The BAADER 588 produces fillets of outstanding quality – even from soft fish.

It has been specifically designed to allow for easy and efficient cleaning and servicing. The BAADER 588 significantly reduces subsequent trim work downstream.

B’Logic® is our dedicated software solution for performance monitoring and yield control.

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  • For fresh or defrosted raw material
  • Continuous and stable operation
  • Simple to use
  • Precise cutting tools minimize ‘giveaway’

Technical Data

  • Working range (approx.)
    Cod: 400–2,500 g / 35–70 cm
    Haddock: 400–2,300 g / 35–65 cm
    Saithe: 400–2,000 g / 35–62 cm
    Hake: 160–800 g / 20–47 cm
    Alaska Pollack (h+g): 150–450 g
  • Throughput
    Up to 35 fish/min.
    Up to 40 fish/min. (Alaska pollack)


Simple operation and maintenance

  • Rapid changeover for to different species
  • Easy to access, maintain and clean

Best fillet quality

  • Active cutting tools
  • Smooth surface as a result of reduced fillet stress during processing
  • No gaping
  • No blood spotting
  • No black belly skin
  • White membrane on


  • Suitable for a wide range of species
  • Fresh or defrosted raw material
  • Small machine footprint
  • Direct fillet transfer to BAADER 59 Skinner possible for consistent product flow

Hygienic, open and flexible design

  • Open design for easy access and supervision
  • Open design allows for easy cleaning
  • Quick and easy to remove conveyor belt system
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