Beating the Odds to Install a New Processing Line in Poland

Oct 21, 2021

In Pomerania Poland, Mirko required a small factory footprint to fit a new processing line into an existing building. The company was looking for the best flexible solution to process Atlantic salmon and sea trout with the same machinery. BAADER bagged the deal in a tender tightly contended by other competitors.

The BAADER offer included our newest filleting machine, the BAADER 581 Pro with belly trim option, a BAADER 867 Pinboner, a BAADER 240 Skinner combined with manual options for heading, trimming, pin bone and skin inspection. BAADER provided the needed solution in a quick time, but this was far from obvious.

Working with the small fish size, which is on the lowest boundary of the BAADER 581 Pro was challenging and it required a holistic solution. Also, a completely new layout setup was needed for the machine footprint to ensure accessibility as well as customer-specific design parts.The project and sales team completed the tasks through effective communication and flexibility with the customer and sub-supplier Intech. Most of the team meetings were online due to COVID-19 restrictions, with on-site support during these meetings by our local representative, Mapenso sp. z o.o. The project members coordinated all activities using their existing synergies and readjusted their tactics to meet shifting priorities while tracking the concurrent SinkabergHansen project.

Manual trimming stations with the BAADER 581 Pro

“It wasn’t the biggest of our projects this year, but it was definitively challenging”, reports Christian Rohde. “Working with a new project and installation team on a customized design during vacation time and COVID restriction, while adjusting to challenging raw material wasn’t a given. Kudos to the team that we succeeded.”

A station for pinboning with the BAADER 867 and skinning with the BAADER 240

BAADER and Mirko signed the contract within the first quarter of 2021. The project was up and running barely four months after with the line control CMS software installed completely remotely. There was a smooth handover according to the timeline and the Site Acceptance Test (SAT)was signed without any open claims. With this success, more partnerships can be expected between both companies. The customer is already planning for another filleting line.

About Mirko

In the Polish market since 1996, Mirko is a family-run company from Pomerania. The company specializes in herring products, mainly marinated and salted, but also algae products, salads and fish aspic with a high focus on quality and taste. Results are fish products made both in the traditional way and in modern combinations of flavours.

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