On Board Heading of Various Species Like Whitefish, Redfish and Similar

Exact heading with various angles

Perfect on board heading solution

The BAADER 429 is a perfect heading solution for gutted and ungutted fish for on board use.
Exact positioning of the fish via a dorsal fin fixing device guarantees a precise head cut.
A wide range of fish species can be headed and a wide working range can be processed.
BAADER 429 is for on board use only.

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Optimizing Output: How the BAADER 581 Pro came into being

Then the challenge was to do it as well – or even better”, says Mirko Pagels, who led the R&D team for the BAADER 581 Pro. “Depending on the fish’s anatomy, the knife is automatically adapted to the backbone. Individually, for every single fish.”

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BAADER Sells Salmon Line to Skagerak Processing A/S

“Based on our research and experience we have chosen the salmon line from BAADER because it will guarantee us a reliable performance and most of all high yield.” says Bård Sekkingstad, Owner of Sekkingstad AS.

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  • Very precise straight or multi-angled head cut
  • Wide working range  
  • A wide range of species is possible  

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    Multi species like whitefish, redfish and similar
  • Working range (approx.)
    30–110 cm total fish length (thickness max 150 mm)
  • Throughput
    Max. 50 fish/min. (depending on fish size and species)


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Even small fish –big yield

  • Small fish possible with optional small fish kit
  • Cod from 550g – 2,500g h&g
  • High speed for small fish (with optional small fish kit)
  • Smart recipe management
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