TRIO FDS 2000-2

Skinning and slicing for salmon, sea trout, wild coho, pink salmon, rainbow trout, cod and tuna

Creating quality and yield of every fish!

The TRIO FDS 2000-2 is a skinning and slicing machine used mainly for salmon. It works on the principle that the skin freezes on a cold drum. It is designed with respect to yield and fillet quality. It maximizes the yield by removing the wedge and recovering the dark meat.


  • Skinning of soft fillets
  • Skinning of portions
  • Good-looking fillets
  • Deep skinning & Shalow skinning
  • One or two knives
  • Stable cut
  • Better result/yield
  • Easier maintenance

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  • High capacity – up to 100 fillets/min. with adjustable conveyor speed
  • The entire skin surface is flattened against the cold drum by gravity and mechanical pressure
  • The drum is wide enough for two large fillets to be skinned side by side
  • Horizontal slicing of fillets
  • Recovery of fat layer
  • Easy to adjust the cutting depth
  • Regular skinning and deep skinning

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    sea trout, wild coho, pink salmon, rainbow trout, cod, tuna
  • Working range (approx.)
  • Throughput standard version
    Up to 100 fillets/min.


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High capacity – high throughput

  • Two large fillets can be skinned at the same time
  • Due to the ‘surface freezing’, the fillets are firmly positioned and do not shift during skinning/cutting – greater stability
  • The FDS 2000-2 is equipped with two knife sections, which enables a second horizontal cut at the same time as the skin cut
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High utilization – maximizing yield

  • The second knife can recover the fat layer during deep skinning due to an improved knife angle
  • The dark meat might constitute up to 8% of the fillet weight
  • Recovery of valuable by-products for further processing
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Easy adjustments – high flexibility

  • For each knife section there is an a upper and lower limit sensor
  • The cutting depths can easily be adjusted
  • Easy to adapt to the company’s product strategy
  • The water is connected to a refrigeration system
  • The machine can be fitted out with a grooved drum, which allows for the centre of the fillet to sink deeper into the drum surface
  • Thus it moves the knife closer to the drum, improving the fillet yield and removing even more dark meat
  • The yield can be defined by the customer – from silver skinning to no dark meat

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High-quality of fillets

  • The skin surface freezes to the cold drum with the help of gravity and pressure – the freeze drum technology is known for its gentle handling of fish and the ability to skin portions
  • The fillets can be divided horizontally to create even thicker fillets. The portions look larger and are easier to handle with regard to cooking, freezing and thawing
  • The surface of the fillets after processing is smooth and natural
  • The TRIO FDS 2000-2 can give a yield similar to silver skinning with the BAADER 52 but with top quality cutting
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