Skinning of whitefish, salmon, pelagics, flatfish, warm water species and similar

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The TRIO FDS 35 is a high-capacity skinning machine. It works on the principle that the skin surface freezes on a cold drum. Fillets are skinned without putting any strain on the fish meat or skin, which is particularly advantageous when:

  • Deep skinning
  • Skinning fillets with no natural division between skin and meat, e.g. mackerel
  • Skinning soft fillets or fillets with weak skin
  • Skinning flatfish with no tail splitting
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  • High capacity – approx. 200 fillets/min. with conveyor speed up to 24 m/min.
  • Can be used for on different species (e.g. all kinds of white fish, salmon, trout)
  • Easy to adjust the cutting depth
  • New better cover and protection of band knife
  • Has a built-in sharpening device for the band knife

Technical Data

  • Fish species
    Salmon, sea trout, wild coho, rainbow trout, Alaska pollock, hake, hoki, cod, saithe/pollock, haddock, herring, mackerel, sardine, catfish, pangasius, tilapia, sea bream, sea bass, flatfish
  • Working range (approx.)
  • Throughput
    Up to 200 fillets/min


  • Skinning of portions
  • Good-looking fillets
  • Greater capacity
  • Stable cut
  • Easier maintenance
  • Better result/yield
  • Skin-on/skin-off conveyor
  • Condenser for seawater cooling
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High capacity – high throughput

  • Due to the ‘surface freezing’ , the fillets are firmly positioned and do not shift during skinning – greater stability
  • The new knife section ensures a longer life for the band knife and has a built-in sharpening device – fewer stops
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High flexibility – maximizing yield

  • Better yield due to improved knife angle, improved knife support, sturdier frame
  • The skinning depth is infinitely adjustable between 0–12 mm
  • Conveyor length and design can be adapted to the customer’s process and can be fitted for easy switching between skin-on and skin-off production
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Easier maintenance – better safety

  • Easier maintenance due to open design, easier adjustment of knife, pretension of knife and conveyor being separate from frame
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Improved hygiene performance

  • Improved hygiene due to separation of processing area, stainless steel construction, improved enclosure of refrigeration area and better access for washing

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