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Sophisticated stunning, bleeding, chilling, heading, gutting, filleting, inspecting, pin bone removing, weighing, grading and packaging systems for quality salmon production

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Our equipment, systems and solutions have raised the bar for efficient salmon and trout processing and brought sophistication, durability and value to some of the largest processors in the world. Our processing lines are available for different production requirements with various scopes. Each is custom designed to meet your operational needs. We are committed to helping you maintain maximum product quality and raw material utilization.

  • The Norwegian seafood company has built a state-of-the-art processing plant in Aukra which measures 13.500 m2. The factory is built for future growth and designed to fit four filleting lines of which two have already been installed. Right now, the company can process up to 700 tons per week on these two lines. For Vikenco AS, this is a real game-changer after they started off as a small whitefish processing company in the 1970s and developed from there, also together with BAADER, to where they are now.

With the equipment from BAADER and our expertise, I believe we are among the best in the world

Per Olav Mevold, CEO Vikenco AS

Salmonides processing

  • Equipment for every step of the salmon processing value chain
  • Maximize throughput, yield and quality with the right process for each product
  • Advanced data collection, software monitoring and production control

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We are very happy with the performance of the fully automatic gutting line from BAADER and we are sure that we will get the best solution for further processing and the best service, too.

Odd Strøm, Managing Director, NovaSea, Norway

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From fresh catch to packaged portions, our high-tech solutions are tailor-made for modern fish production and processing. Rooted in quality and reliability our equipment delivers value, control, efficiency and quality to customers around the globe. Whether you are looking to expand, upgrade and improve existing facilities or building from the ground up, we have just what it takes to meet your operational goals and needs.

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