Raise the Bar in Warm Water Aquaculture Processing

Heading, gutting and filleting for quality aquaculture production

Aquaculture processing systems for superior handling and quality

Our systems reduce the need for manual labour and ensure the highest quality output. We strive to deliver superior equipment that treats the raw material well, improves production flow and reduces labour costs. Each machine supports higher yield while ensuring the uniformity and quality of the final product. Our equipment is designed to meet your production needs, enabling perfect integration into any type of production facility.

Two fish on ice

Warm water aquaculture

  • Efficient processing of farm-raised seabass, catfish, pangasius and tilapia
  • From chillers, bleeding tanks and de-scaler, to heading, gutting, filleting, trimming, grading and packing machines
  • Minimize drip loss; maximize quality throughput and yield

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With constant innovation and the rollout of new technologies, we have been at the forefront of aquaculture development for decades. Automating and combining processes has facilitated the industry’s growth, helped overcome limitations and opened up new possibilities for producers around the globe. We are committed to giving you everything you need to process the food of the future.

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